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Daleks have no concept of elegence!

It's snowing! It's so fluffy and magical and pretty.

The man's been and gone. Hoo-rah!

What's up with the post? There's been no mail for days now, not even a bit of junk mail. It's puzzling.

I'm gonna get Kerrang, then watch the last Lone Gunmen episode on the first disc. After that I'm gonna write.

Things I'll be doing ficwise soon (discounting any random standalones my brain makes me):
*Into The Darkness (I'm hoping to get back into that today to hopefully finish it before the end of the week)
*A fic with Zacky
*An Oli/Curtis (that i've a vague idea for)
*To look at and plot my sosodirty claims. I've gotta at least finish one by the end of the month. I don't see them as being too hard really.
*Do that Link/Sheik fic that won't leave me alone
*Look into doing a sequel to We Might Cause A Fire

And also I'll think of doing the following (aka I've no set ideas for any of them right now so...):
*Oli/Jimmy Kerrang Tour porn
*A femmeslash
*Something with Frankie gagged
*Take a look at the bandana code/zombie fic listings
*A random The Used fic
*A possible Umbrella Academy fic (I kinda wanna wait till after the next part else I'll auto do Seance torture)
*Bullet fic (cause, you know, it's me)
*Consider going back to/start that Kiriyama fic
*Sean porn

Anyone that hasn't already please fill out the poll.

Things I have to watch:
*Rest of The X-Files/The Lone Gunmen
*Death Note (both anime and films)
*The Golden Compass
*Battle Royale
*Panic!'s dvd
*I'm sure I've missed something.

Oh and I've still gotta go on Wii Fit. Probably tomorrow when I'm not being messed around.

Anyway. Allons-y!

Edit: Kerrang ramblings ahoy:
*I want to punch Lyn-z for being on the cover (and Jimmy just looks... stupid)
*Yay for Lostprophets album being 'darker' and Ian looks pretty
*Frankie amuses me cause he says that his shoes (that are for the cancer thing) feel like 'god is sucking on your toes'
*A picture in The Blackout's review amuses me as someone's showing skin and ass crack but you can't see their faces
*Jimmy looks pretty n the interview though I keep wanting to punch Lyn-Z. I'm so thankful she's not gonna be at the gig it's not funny. She angry's up my blood.
*Sean's way to save money? buy a pair of black underwear and wear them contantly. While Madina's Matthew says that putting shots in your morning coffee starves off hunger. No wonder he's like a stick
*All the posters are now double A4... whih would be good if I wanted any of em.
*Craig from Escape the Fate's pretty... and what high school has a dress as the opposite sex day?
*There's a pretty trivium pic
*And then we're right back to Jimmys craziness. The tour thing makes me curious what Dir En Grey will be like
*Next week Mikey'll be happy. There's a poster of The Blackout with Sean showing skin (and also one of Ian being pretty).

It was better then I expected really.
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