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It's a mystery

Well I wasn't gonna do another post after the poll one, however here I am.

I'm annoyed cause that dude's coming earlier tomorrow. That's made mum a tad insane and panicy. Hence more shouting and fighting cause it frustrates me. Apaprently he did come today, but since I was awake I heard fuck all about him. He said he called but the phone's at the end of my bed and would've woke me up. Lying bastard.

I'm going through change to see if I can get enough for Kerrang. Even though it seems like it might be eh. I might wait till Thursday cause the annoyingness of tomorrow and the ehness of the issue.

While checking to see if there's still tickets for the Kerrang gig I found out there's a Cobra Starship one the night before, that's a little cheaper so I could manage it.

My question to my f-list is this: are they good/are they worth seeing?

I might write a little soon.

Edit: Ok, ignore that cause like an idiot I forgot about Gabe's throat thing. So I guess the gig'll be put back which is good.
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