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Random Questions

Random Questions
Pairing: Jimmy Urine/Bob Bryar
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jimmy
Notes: Just a random standalone cause I had block.

I glanced at Bob as he leaned against the wall, a cigarette to his lips as he breathed out a cloud of smoke into the night air. I stood beside him, gazing up at the night sky absently. The random specks of light in the sky glinted against the dark backdrop, the white curve of the moon standing out among them.

"Ever kissed a guy?" I asked the man beside me, taking a long drink from my bottle of beer as the question hung in the air.

He took a long drag of his cigarette before answer, then turned to face me. "Sure." His blue eyes glinting slightly in the dark. "I know you have."

I nodded and shrugged a little, although I was a little surprised by his response. "Plenty of Jimmy love to go around." He made a sound which sounded like a snort and I turned to face him once more. "Who was it?"

"What?" He asked, his eyebrow arching slightly towards his hair.

"The guy you kissed." I asked with a grin, downing more of my drink, feeling it's warmth spread through my body.

"What makes you think it was one?" He smirked and turned away, taking another long drag. I blinked, even more surprised then before. So Bob had kissed more then one guy? I opened my mouth to say something, though he got there first, dropping his cigarette and stubbing it out with the toe of his boot. "And what makes you think I've just kissed a guy?"

"Well you just look so manly.."

"And that automatically means I can't get a guy to give me head or get an ass fucking?" He tutted softly and shook his head before he moved to stand in front of me. I looked him right in the eyes, feeling his hot breath on my face as he watched me. "Why so curious Jimmy?"

I shivered slightly and leaned forward, pressing my lips to his. Aty first he didn't react, but then he placed a hand either side of me and kissed me back. His lips opened a little bit, his tongue darting out into my mouth. His stubby rubbed against my chin, but I didn't really care. I wrapped my free arm around him to pull him close, licking at his tongue as he explored my mouth. It didn't surprise me that he tasted of smoke, with a faint taste of the alcohol he'd drank earlier. His hips pressed aginst mine so I could feel the bulge of his cock press against my own.

After a few moments his lips broke away from mine and I felt him breath against my face once again. "Mmm that was good."

He nodded in agreement, licking his lips. "Yeah." His eyes darted left and right before landing on mine again. "Wanna fuck?" His right hand shifted to my crotch, squeezing me through my pants.

I swallowed, unsure what sex with Bob might mean. When he was pressed against me I'd felt his cock and he certainly wasn't small. Then again, it would be good to feel a real man instead of just the various pretty boys I normally had. "Sure."

He grinned and shifted away from me, leading me towards the buses. He stopped in front of his, imputting the code to open the door before entering it. Blissfully the bus was empty, his bandmates still within the venue. He led me through the bus towards the bunks, moving so fast that I only got to give the space a brief glance as I followed. He stopped at the one that was clearly his and turned to face me. "Strip." After saying that he began to do so, tossing his clothing into the space beneath his bunk.

I nodded, placing my bottle on the floor as I removed my clothes. I tossed them into the same place as his, watching as he undressed. We were a mismatch really. I was slim with my black hair sticking out at all angles, while he was more bulky with his ginger hair hanging to his shoulders.

After about 3 minutes we were fully naked and he pushed me against the wall, his lips meeting mine once again. I wrapped both arms around him, stroking up and down his back with one, while running the other over his ass. He didn't seem to mind, pushing his hips agianst mine. My cock jerked slightly as his rubbed against mine. As I'd expected it was large and thick, much bigger then ones I was used to.

He pulled away, resting his forehead on mine. "You a top or bottom?" He whispered softly, running a hand along my hard dick. I thought for a moment, then shrugged. "Bottom it is." He decided for me, shifting his hand and thrusting a dry finger up my asshole. I gasped, thrusting against him as the digit penetrated me. I groaned softly, rocking a little back against the intruder. He smirked, licking my cheek slowly as he shifted his finger out, roughly pushing a second in alongside it. I let out a soft gasp, his lips landing on mine. His tongue wiggled around mine, his fingers thrusting and wiggling inside my tight opening.

He slipped them out again, raising thm to his lips to slurp on them. I watched with fascination as he lapped my sweat and juices from them. When he was satisfied they were cleansed he smrked at me before reaching around and lifting me up. He aimed his hard, dripping cock for my hole, then thrust forward in one quick movement. I let out a low cry of pain as he filled me up, my eyes lidding. He stopped when he was balls deep and kissed my neck gently. "Are you ok?"

I nodded, taking a deep breath. "Yeah, I can take it." I felt him nod then began to move. I lifted my legs up a little, wrapping them around his thick waist to hold myself up. His movements were slow and fairly steady, clearly not wanting to hurt me. I hit him with the back of my foot, growling softly. "Don't be a pussy Bob, just fuck me."

He dug his nails into my skin, then began ramming into me hard and fast, lifting me up and down on his member at the same time. I realised he built up a rhythm fairly quickly, no surprise considering he was a drummer. I squeezed my ass around him, letting out a soft moan as he slammed against my spot.

I reached my hand to my cock, stroking myself rapidly as he fucked me hard and fast. His teeth nipped at my neck hard enough to leave some sort of mark. I half hoped it would be noticeable. His heavy balls slapped agianst my ass, the sound turning me on even more. I opened my eyes a little to look at him, smiling at the sweat that made his hair cling to his face. "Fuck, your ass feels amazing slut."

"Wait till you feel my mouth." I winked at him, leaning close and licking some of the sweat from his cheek. My words made him moan his cock jerking up hard inside of me. "Cum in me Bob, shoot up my ass like I know you want to."

He groaned softly, scratching at my skin as he pumped cum deep inside me, never once breaking a rhythm. He made a low sort of grunt sound as he released, his cum making his last few movements far more slick.

I lasted a few more pumps of my cock before spurting myself, my sticky seed covering us both. he smiled, gripping my wrist when I finished and raising it to my lips, his tongue darting out to taste my cum. "Tastes good." He grinned at me as his cock slipped out of my hole. He lifted me into his bunk, laying me down and climbing in next to me. "Now, you said something about your mouth?"

I grinend and shifted down his body, taking his softening cock into my mouth and lapping at the cum from it. The pearly tasted salty, slightly more then normal and there was quite a lot of it. When had he last gotten laid. I pulled back from his cock, taking his full balls into my mouth and tonguing the wrinkled skin, hearing him make beautiful moans.

"Hello? Bob are you here?"

"Shit." Bob growled, using one hand to hold my head in place, using the other to pull the curtain closed. "Yeah Im here, in bed Mikey."

"Awesome." I heard the bassist reply, my tongue stilling. "Come on guys, he's here. We can get going." I heard footsteps as the others came on board, heading to the back of the bus downstairs.

My eyes widened at his words, then I felt the bus start to move. Shit, I was stuck here. Bob seemed to find it very amusing, grinning down at me. "Did I tell you to stop?"
Tags: bob bryar, bob bryar/jimmy urine, fic, jimmy urine, mindless self indulgence, my chemical romance, slash
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