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I don't like fucking Mondays

So today has been pretty shit.

Ok, scratch that, very shit.

Like I said I had to go out today, but mum's decided to move my keys. So I spend 20+ minutes looking for them (or the spare keys) and not find either. Thusly this makes me late. Also it snowed about an inch last night. While pretty it made me go slower then normal, but I still almost slipped about 10 times.

All this meant I got there late. And they'd took some initive to switch my time to 9:50. Fucking cunts. I hate being up and out that insanely for the pointlessmness that is this.

Also all the walking has caused the back of both feet to bleed from rubbing. Joy.

And I came back to the net fucking around.

Thusly I'm quite pissed off and irritable. So I probably won't be on today/tonight and definately won't be on tomorrow.

Other things:
*A shop in Cannock has the Star Wars Comic Packs for £4.99 so I'm getting mum to get me the Cade/Darth Talon one (despite it not having his lightsaber, I'm not paying twice as much just for a lightsaber... and I can probably get hasbro to send one cause it was a massive factory error). Cade's hot.
*Demons was alright. I expect it to get better (cause a lot of first episodes can be iffy when compared to the rest).
*It's Roald's birthday on AC so I have to think of what to shove in his face as a gift.

I'm going off now. I'll probably go on one of the many violent games I have and shoot something.
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