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And it really makes me wonder

The Christmas tree's down now. It makes me sad.

I can't find the place I was at with Into The Darkness the other night, which sucks. I might do a standalone something soon instead.

Demons is on in a few hours and I'm watching it (despite people saying it's eh).

After it I dunno what I'll do. I feel a bit drained from yesterday so I'll probably curl up in bed or something. After I go to Mikey's AC.

I totally don't wanna go to JC tomorrow. It's too cold and annoying and I have to walk both ways. it sucks.

The other day trollstroll did a post with a fic meme. I decided to yoink it and slowly do it. So here it is.

Jan 08
Punchbag - My Chemical Romance/Johnny Devine
Present Madina Lake
A Date - Lostprophets/Bullet For My Valentine
Middle - My Chemical Romance/The Used
Plaything Part 11 - My Chemical Romance/Bullet For My Valentine
Backstage - Madina Lake/30 Seconds To Mars
Reversal - Bullet For My Valentine/Johnny Devine
Turns - Madina Lake/My Chemical Romance/Machine Head/Trivium
Our Deal - My Chemical Romance/The Used
Love The Pain - My Chemical Romance
Roadside - Torchwood/Doctor Who/The Sarah Jane Adventures
Something New - 30 Seconds To Mars
Plaything Part 12 Bring Me The Horizon/Panic! At The Disco
Kidnapped By The Hill Folk - My Chemical Romance/Worm
Perfect - Madina Lake
Mistaken - Bullet For My Valentine/Trivium
No Way Out - Aiden/The Blackout
Kerrang Tour 2008: No Kissing - Fightstar/Madina Lake
Hair - My Chemical Romance/Bullet For My Valentine
Fingerpainting - AFI/The Used

Feb 08
Sweat Drenched Inked Skin - Good Charlotte/Bring Me The Horizon
Run Away - Bring Me The Horizon
Plaything Part 13 - Madina Lake/Bullet For My Valentine
Kerrang Tour 2008: By Myself - Madina Lake
To Make This Go Away - Panic! At The Disco
Hair Pulling - Tokio Hotel
Plundering - Madina Lake/Bullet For My Valentine
Smell The Coffee - Fightstar/Bullet For My valentine
Sean's Favourite Sex Act - Lostprophets/The Blackout
Welcome To The Band - The Used
Voyeur - My Chemical Romance/The Used
The Innocent - My Chemical Romance
Heels - Bullet For My Valentine
We Found It - Trivium

Mar 08
White On You - Panic! At the Disco
Barrel - Bullet For My Valentine
Playdate - My Chemical Romance/The Used/Worm
Vermillion - Bullet For My Valentine
Vengeance - Madina Lake/My Chemical Romance
I Know - My Chemical Romance
The Time Was Now - My Chemical Romance
The Strap-On - My Chemical Romance
Good Little Piggy - Bullet For My Valentine
Obedience - Good Charlotte
Happy Anniversary - Bullet For My Valentine/Lostprophets/The Blackout (With Mikey)
White Stains - Bullet For My Valentine
Beauty Destroyed - Madina Lake
The First Of Many - The Blackout/Lostprophets/The New Regime
Three Random Things - 30 Seconds To Mars
Set Up - Bullet For My Valentine/Fightstar
Sinking Deeper - The Used/Fall out Boy

Apr 08
Coming Home - Madina Lake/Bullet For My Valentine
Brown - Good Charlotte/Simple Plan
Ride You - Bullet For My Valentine
Chaser - My Chemical Romance/Worm
On His Neck - Bullet For My Valentine/Worm/Simple Plan
What A Beautiful Wedding - My Chemical Romance
My Place - Worm/The Used
My Brother: The Whore - My Chemical Romace
The Collapse - My Chemical Romance/The Used
End Of Days - Bullet For My Valentine
Revenge Served Hot - Bullet For My Valentine
Back Room - Bullet For My valentine/The Used

May 08
Boy With The Bandana - The Blackout/Armor For Sleep
Beneath the Hood - Madina Lake/Bullet For My Valentine
Stolen - Bullet For My Valentine
42 - Bullet For My Valentine
Spurts - Bullet For My Valentine

Jun 08
An Idea - Doctor Who/Torchwood
What Are You Waiting For - Doctor Who/Torchwood
Teal - Armor For Sleep/Bullet For My Valentine
In The Dark - The Used/Panic! At the Disco
According To Plan - My Chemical Romance
Sometimes It Pays To Have A Staker - Bullet For My Valentine/Madina Lake
Heartbeat In Stereo - Doctor Who
Domination - Sawa/My Chemical Romance
Turn It Up - My Chemical Romance
Lizard - Bullet For My Valentine
Baby - My Chemical Romance
Their Whore Part 1 - My Chemical Romance
Smile For The Camera - Madina Lake

Jul 08
Their Whore Part 2 - My Chemical Romance
Nine - Fall Out Boy/The Academy Is...
Spanking - Bullet For My Valentine
Ultimatum - My Chemical Romance/The Used
Their Whore Part 3 - My Chemical Romance/The Used/Worm
Hidden Talent - My Chemical Romance
The Drumming The Sarah Jane Adventures/Doctor Who
Worthless - Good Charlotte/My Chemical Romance
Hungry? - The Used
Their Whore Part 4 - Panic! At The Disco/My Chemical Romance
The Things We Find - Bullet For My Valentine
Late - My Chemical Romance/Lostprophets
Stage Show - Madina Lake
Into The Darkness Part 1 - Bullet For My Valentine/Fightstar
Fascination - Panic! At the Disco

Aug 08
Appreciation - My Chemical Romance
To Teach Him A Lesson - Bring Me The Horizon/Bullet For My Valentine
Timing Is Everything - Torchwood/Doctor Who
Sets Of Hands - Muse/30 Seconds To Mars
Secret Admiration - Star Wars
In The Water - The Legend Of Zelda
The Howling - The Legend Of Zelda
Into The Darkness Part 2 - Bullet For My Valentine
A Pretty Face With No Name - Mindless Self Indulgence/Bullet For My Valentine
Two Tongues Are Better Then One - Mindless Self Indulgence/My Chemical Romance

Sep 08
Filth - My Chemical Romance
Tent Space - Bullet For My Valentine/Fightstar
Help Me - My Chemical Romance
Into The Darkness Part 3 - Bulet For My Valentine/Lostprophets
Wiggling - My Chemical Romance
Just Walks Away - My Chemical Romance
Secret Places - My Chemical Romance/The Used
Four Open Doors - Bullet For My Valentine/Mindless Self Indulgence/30 Seconds To Mars/Fightstar
Sex With Ray Toro - James Dewees/My Chemical Romance
Into The Darkness Part 4 - Bullet For My Valentine/The Blackout
The Flock - Bullet For My Valentine/Fightstar/The Blackout
Into The Darkness Part 5 - Bullet For My Valentine

Oct 08
Ray'S New Whore - My Chemical Romance
Till Last - The Blackout
Into The Darkness Part 6 - Bullet For My Valentine/Bring Me The Horizon
The Mic Swinging - The Blackout
Dim Hotel Room Light - My Chemical Romance/Worm/James Dewees
Behind Lidded Eyes - The Academy Is.../Cobra Starship/Panic! At The Disco
Sealed - Apocalyptica/Bullet For My Valentine
Just Do It - My Chemical Romance/James Dewees
Drawn In - Chadam/My Chemical Romance/The Used
In Some Hotel Room - Tokio Hotel/The Blackout
The Brother In the Basement Part 1 - My Chemical Romance
The Brother In the Basement Part 2 - My Chemical Romance
Contagious - My Chemical Romance/Fall Out Boy

Nov 08
The Head - Bullet For My Valentine/Bring Me The Horizon
Slutty Schoolgirl - Lostprophets/Bullet For My Valentine
Into The Darkness Part 7 - Bullet For My Valentine/Lostprophets/Fightstar
Fluids - My Chemical Romance/James Dewees/Worm
Caged - Tokio Hotel
The Brother In The Basement Part 3 - My Chemical Romance
If You Behave - The Blackout/Mcfly
Cnych - Bullet For My Valentine
The Brother In The Basement Part 4 - My Chemical Romance

Dec 08
Against The Tiles - The Blackout/Mindless Self Indulgence
Into The Darkness Part 8 - Bullet For My Valentine/The Blackout
Virgin Territory - Bullet For My Valentine/Panic! At The Disco
One Down - My Chemical Romance
Good Answer - My Chemical Romance
The Night On Quinn's Bus - The Used/Madina Lake/The Blackout
One Of The Good Ways To Ruin Make-Up - Panic! At The Disco
Watching In The Dim Light - Machine Head/Trivium
What Have I Told You? - Tokio Hotel
Such Good Boys - Panic! At The Disco/Bullet For My Valentine
The Sleeping Angel - My Chemical Romance
Only At The End - My Chemical Romance
We Might Cause A Fire - My Chemical Romance/Tokio Hotel/The Academy Is...
Gun in Hand - The Blackout
Dog Day - My Chemical Romance

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?:
I don't really do predicting so.. I dunno. But if I did, it'd definitely be more.

What's your favorite story of the year?:
Of mine? I dunno really. Most are good to do. Of others? Probably the Seven Sins fic missxtravesty did

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?:
I did a few new fandoms. I've not taken risks personally, cause I've already done most of the things before (necro, scat, bestiality etc) so...

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?:
To finish Into The Darkness, to do a Zacky fic, do Bullet fisting, do an Oli fic where he's not being tortured/raped/killed.

My Best Story of the Year:
Looking over them all... I don't actually know. *isn't too bright*

Story Most Under-appreciated by the Universe in My Opinion:
No idea. of mine? Some get few comments, which makes me sad.

Most Fun Story:
Just Walks Away, cause the images of it kept making me giggle.

Most Sexy Story:
Pretty much all of the kinky ones. Stuff like Sealed among others.

Story With the Single Sexiest Moment:
I've got no idea cause I can't think of them all.

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story:
*shrugs*I don't think that with any... though I probably should.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:
A lot of them do in their own subtle way and yeah, I suck at thinking specific stuff.

Hardest Story to Write:
Probably Into The Darkness since I've had block on it in places. Some others were tricky to write to.

Biggest Surprise:
that I did a Jimmy fic. Cause at the start of the year I hated MSI and now... it's just focussed on her. Also, I'm glad I've done so many Bullet ones. And also how many femmeslash/het fics I did surprises me as well.

Other stats:
Jan: 20
Feb: 14
Mar: 17
Apr: 12
May: 5
Jun: 13
Jul: 15
Aug: 10
Sep: 12
Oct: 13
Nov: 9
Dec: 15
Total: 155

30 Seconds To Mars: 5
AFI: 1
Aiden: 1
Apocalyptica: 1
Armor For Sleep: 2
Bring Me The Horizon: 6
Bullet For My Valentine: 48
Chadam: 1
Cobra Starship: 1
Doctor Who: 6
Fall Out Boy: 3
Fightstar: 8
Good Charlotte: 4
James Dewees: 4
Johnny Devine: 2
Lostprophets: 7
Machine Head: 2
Madina Lake: 16
Mcfly: 1
Mindless Self Indulgence: 4
Muse: 1
My Chemical Romance: 54
Panic! At The Disco: 10
Sawa: 1
Simple Plan: 2
Star Wars: 1
The Academy Is...: 3
The Blackout: 15
The Legend Of Zelda: 2
The New Regime: 1
The Sarah Jane Adventures: 2
The Used: 17
Tokio Hotel: 5
Torchwood: 4
Trivium: 4
Worm: 8
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