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If by MO you mean "merciless slaughter executed with the precision of a neural surgeon" then yes

I will contain general squee until the end of the post. Oh yes, there will be squeeing.

I started the next part of Into The Darkness but it's very... directionless.

Today's been a busy day. Mum kept messing around, so I had time to do all my Animal Crossing stuff this morning. The peaches have grown back again. WTF is wrong with them? they scare me. I also have Kabuki from Mikey's, who's adorable, pretty and kinda sexy. So I have 4 people I like in town at the same time (a record I think. Tank the rhino, Pudge the bear, Kabuki the cat and Roald the penguin. It amused me last night cause Roald and Tank said the same thing right after each other (cause they have the same personality).

Anyway, enough of that.

We went to Birmingham for the panto. I fail at money so I couldn't get a ticket to Kerrang (I'm now gonna go on the day and hope it's not sold out). I'll get Umbrella Academy 3 then too (it should be out then right?). I managed to poke mum into getting me stuff, so all wasn't lost.

We got some pretty good sale stuff. I got a pretty Nightmare tee, a Doctor book and some stuff from Woolworths (as it died). Mum kindly chose to mention then that she'd got doubles of two of the Mcfly things for Mikey. I got Big Cheese (thankfully) though the picture for Bullet has been used a million times and looks bad. And yeah Mikey, you're right Jimmy does look hot. Lyn-Z on the cover pisses me off even more cause she's not even in it! The Fuel girls are obvious whores. And I managed to get Umbrella Academy (but more on that story later). I forgot which comic Gerard did the cover of, cause I suck. What was it?

We went to Mcdonalds, which was pretty busy. Scarily so.

So we got to the panto (just in time). For those that don't know, it was Robin Hood with John Barrowman. We were in the front row close to the miiddle (real good seats) so we saw him rise out the trap door, my eyes glued to his ass. Yeah. That was me the whole time. One of the merry men (Atchoo) was cute cause he showed off skin and was blatently gay. There was a giant robot in it, but he was annoying and sucky.

One of the best things was the guy who played Will Scarlett who's an awesome ventriloquist dude called Paul Zerdin. He was really awesome and funny. And he got a guy on stage and turned him into a human dummy. The best thing was he did a dance with John and came this close to kissing.

There was slots of gay references and it was generally amusing (though one of the female dancers kept looking at me... what is it with me and female dancers?). I think John looked at me too, though probably not. The costumes were pretty and shiny. There was amusing Doctor speculation too. And John loves Wall-E! it's also amusing when they mess up cause he just can't stop laughing.

It was great, I can't wait till next years. I got Paul's dvd on the way out.

On the way home we went in a few places (though got nothing). We missed an early train, so I've missed Demons. Damnit. Thankfully it's on tomorrow so we'll watch the repeat of pretty. Now we're watching a thing about the pyramids. Pyramids are awesome.

Now, squeeing stuff.

I read Umrella Academy on the train back. It's awesome! First off, I love how bloody it is. Hazel and Cha Cha are awesome. Next there's a website (which I'm going on later) and it looks like there's gonna be figures which'd be awesome. Lastly, where is the Umbrella Academy slash? Come on, there's gotta be some out there. Seance is hot and there's total Spaceboy/Kraken sexual tension. I want some fic please. (Also I can't wait to see what Hazel and Cha Cha do to Seance.)

In the (potential) film I hope they pick hot people to be them.

Last squee thing: oh my gods! 11 is so hot! Please please let him and Jack kiss. He's so much prettier then anyone the bookies bet on. I'm glad it's not the dude from Survivors, cause he's already been in it.

Woop! I've gotta get an 11 icon now (and one of pretty Luke from Demons after I've seen it).

I'm now going to look through a load of posts I have open, watch the pyramid thing and battle on superpets.
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