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Time To Ourselves

Time To Ourselves
Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Rating: NC-17
POV: Mikey
Warnings: Watersports, BDSM
Notes: Done for anon_lovefest again.

My brother crawled towards me, his pale skin glistening in the light. He had faint marks and bruises on his body from his previous sessions with me. Unfortunately we hadn't had much time to ourselves, so they'd faded. He was naked from head to toe, with just a slim collar around his neck and a ring wrapped around the base of his cock. He stopped moving when he was in front of me and bent down to lightly lick at my dirty boots. I smiled and ran a hand through his messy black hair, licking my lips.

He was so sexy in his own way. He always had dirty hair and pasty skin. He was also chubby, which meant that most men ignored him, although I adored it. It always made me hard to see him jiggle his fat ass. I raised my right boot when he'd finished licking hem, pressing it down on the back of his head hard. I heard him make a very satisfying groan as his face made contact with the floor. I chuckled to myself, grinding my heel against the back of his head. "Worthless fat slut."

I chuckled to myself as my words only made him thrust his hips forward, which made his ass move. Part of me just wanted to reach down and spread those cheeks open so I could bury my face between them. I resisted them and kept pressing my heel down for a few more seconds before shifting it back to the floor.

He risked a glance up at me, his eyes focussing on my limp dick. It wasn't soft because he wasn't hot, indeed he was probably the most arousing thing in the world to me, instead it was due to the amount of water and coffee I'd drank earlier. I aimed my dick for his face and released the stream, my piss splashing over his face and hair. He moaned softly, parting his pretty lips so I naturally directed the stream for them. He opened his lips more, swallowing whatever ended up in his mouth. I forced myself to still the stream, then moved to stand behind him, letting the last of my piss hit his lower back and ass.

Once I was sure my bladder was empty, my cock immediately began to harden. I spread his cheeks with my gloved hands, smirking as I saw that my piss had managed to trickle between them. I aimed my dick for his opening, thrusting forward to fill him effortlessly. He let out a low groan, which I ignored as I pounded into him hard and fast. Each time my hips collided with his ass he made a sweet moan. Filthy little slut." I groaned softly, slapping his ass with each hand alternately, watching the cheeks turn to a rosy pink. I kept slapping until they were a few shades darker, then stopped and concentrated on my thrusts. He squeezed his inner muscles around me every few seconds, each pulse bringing me closer to the edge.

"Fucking cunt." I growled low in my throat, spitting on his back as I felt my orgasm approach. "Take it like the bitch you are." He nodded and groaned along to each word, which only made me go harder and faster within him. I reached around and snapped the ring off him, purring softly as I did so. "Cum for your baby brother." Seconds after I said those words, his little cock shot thick spurts over his large belly.

The contractions caused by him shooting made my whole body to tense up. My eyes lidded and my mouth fell open and I came deep within my big brother.

After a few moments I eased out of him, smiling at his hole leaking my cum. It was time to renew those marks on him.
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash
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