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That was designated a lie

Again, happy new year to all! I hope everyone had a good, fun and safe night.

Me? I was talking to Mikey and watching tv.

Sean Smith is quite twisted for liking a video called one guy one cup (not related to the two girls and a cup one at all).

Kerrang yesterday was pretty boring (I have to somehow fold up the MSI poster just right to block her fucking head). The picture used for Madina lake's amusing though. Dan's right behind Nathan and Nathan's bent over! Buttsex time!

I'm sure I had something productive to say. Oh well.

I've gotta do a Waycest fic later tonight for anon_lovefest, though it probably won't be done till after Jonathan Creek (which 'll be watching with mum so I won't be on from 9 tll 11).

I'm on Animal Crossing now trying to build up money before stupid Nook's remodels to a shop with shittier hours.

I totally can't wait till Saturday, with the panto and Demons starting. Hoo-rah!
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