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Edit: List seventeen random things about yourself, then tag seventeen people to do the same. No tagging cause I'm lazy.

1: I've never had chicken, therefore I don't get why people say 'tastes like chicken'
2: I can never rememeber when band boys birthdays are, I have to be reminded.
3: When I first saw/heard MSI, I hated them
4: My signature is just have I normally write my name
5: I've never been drunk
6: The furthest away from hme I've been is Florida
7: I'm a believer in general
8: I'm a massive geek
9: I have many books, but most I haven't read. I'm a slow reader.
10: I've always been Nintendo loyal. I only got a playstation the other year and I've herdly been on it. I'd never get a PS4 or X-Box.
11: I used to play Ocarina Of Time yearly, I'm gonna restart that tradition this year (with Majora too).
12: I've never had a lightsaber.
13: The X-Files is the only tv show I have fully on both video and dvd.
14: I like shiny things
15: I seem to have a thing for tentacles
16: I love both Star Wars and Star Trek
17: I wanna learn Japanese
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