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You didn't specify goodwill towards all men

Strangeness happened last night. I put in the next X-File dvd, then went to get a drink. When I returned, the first episode was playing. Now, none of the dvds have autoplay, so it wasn't that and the remotes been missing for years (it's annoying to press the buttons, on the player, but necessary). Even strange, it was playing the commentary track version of the episode. That requires pressing, like, 5 buttons so how the fuck did it come on on it's own? It scares me just a little.

Mum's gone out again, so I've had peace all day. She started moaning when she went to bed last night. It's annoying when she does that. She left really early cause shhe called me at half 9 from the Wolverhampton Woolworths. I guess it's still going for now.

I considered asking her to get Umbrella Academy (even to the point of beringing it up with her) but changed my mind. I doubt she'd go by Forbidden Planet anyway, and it'd be better to get it when we go to Birmingham. The problem is I don't have any money for then. With getting Chrismas presents, her demanding the rest of my money and most people that gave me money at Christmas being gone I've got none. The only person that was sending money was Claire, but it seems she changed her mind on that.

We'll probably end up using nan's money again.

Speaking of the Umbrella Academy, I wonder if there's any slash of it yet. Anyone know?

I finished Rabbids TV Party the other day (well, finished the main game but there's still two types of mini-game I can't do, gah).

I still haven't gone on Wii Fit, despite saying I would since Sunday. I sleep through most of the day so I keep saying I'll do it late... then end up too sleepy.

If I was a sin, I'd be sloth.

I might end up working at the pet store mum's friend works at (the one that had the upside down fish and bunny Bob) if the other person that works there quits.

I'm gonna be going off to nan's soon.

What the shit's wrong with my peaches on Animal Crossing? they just grew back after I sold them! Gah! I'll have to go back through Mikey's gate tomorrow.

Christmas fics are done now [well, I think so] (although I way use alternate ideas I didn't use). At some time later (I'm not sure when, probably tonight) I'll do the next fic I have open (Mikey/Gerard Edgar).

Other fics I have noted to do over the post-New year period:
*Into The Darkness (I will get back into doing this and I will finish it before mid-January)
*A Zacky fic (possibly with Jay or someone else in Bullet)
*Follow up to Bill/Mikey/William fic
*That twisted Link/Sheik fic idea I got stuck in my head
*Something with Gabe (I'm fielding suggestions that aren't fucking Travis)
*A fic with Eicca (I feel bad for only doing one)
*A Jimmy fic (possibly with Steve or Oli)
*Something with pyramid head (after watching Silent Hill again like I keep meaning to)
*More Bullet fic
*Starting on those sosodirty claims (at least proper ideas)
*Bob fic
*Some form of GSF
*Scat fic
*Maybe something with Ben Jorgenson
*Or Jade
*Something using this
*Zombie fic
*Maybe fics with these bands: Panic!, Madina Lake, The Blackout, The Used, Tokio Hotel, Trivium (why are there so many T's?)

I'm sure there's something else that's not as vague as half of those are.

Like I said, off I go. I'm gonna do the look back on the year thing tommorrow and the same with looking at those Bullet songs. After getting Kerrang course.
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