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Gun In Hand

Gun In Hand
Pairing: Sean Smith/Matthew Davies
Rating: NC-17
POV: Sean
Warnings: Gun fucking
Notes: Next Christmas fic, for my Mikeysaur

I gazed at his ass as he shown it off for the fifteenth time that day. He was such a slut but he didn't even realise it. He seriously had no idea. He was such an innocent little boy really. I'd have said he was a virgin if he hadn't known Rhys for so long. We were alone in the house, with Gareth blissfully leaving a few minutes before. I stood behind him, flicking my tongue over my lips as his jeans slipped down a little more to reveal the start of his crack.

I pressed the tip of gun I held aginst his skin just above the cleft, smirking as he froze and tensed slightly. "Stay where you are." He didn't need my instruction for him to do that, but he placed both his palms flat on the floor to keep himself steady. "Good boy." I reached around his waist, still holding the gun in place as I undid his fly. I pushed his jeans down his slim legs, licking my lips as his arse was revealed to my hungry eyes. I slipped the gun lower, between those sweet cheeks of his. He shivered slightly from the contact of metal on skin as I moved it along his ass.

I pressed it against his pucker, smirking will palming his hard-on. I pushed the gun forward, easing the barrel into his body. Once the end was past the ring of muscle, I thrust the rest into him, burying the barrel fully inside him in one go. He groaned softly, pushing his ass back against it. From the way it entered him so easy he was obviously far less innocent then he seemed. I chuckled softly, working it in and out of him while I stroked his dick. My own cock was hard as a rock but I had no hand spare to deal with it.

I watched, transfixed, as his ass twitched around it. His small body trembled, his cock leaking over my stroking hand. I shifted the gun in and out of him at a fairly fast pace, not caring that it had small streaks of blood on it now. On the next thrust inside of him I released the handle, shifting my hand to my crotch and quickly undoing my flies. I pulled out my cock, spat on my hand and wiped the saliva over my shaft. Satisfied, I yanked the gun out and replaced it with my larger dick. I stuffed it into my pocket, then began thrusting roughly inside him. I held onto his arse while wanking him rapidly, my eyes falling shut as he clenched around me. I rammed him hard and fast, my cock twitching inside of his warmth.

It didn't take long for me to cum inside his tight heat. I let out a low groan in my throat as I released into him, shooting over his insides. I smiled and slide out, sliding the gun back inside him and releasing his dick. I moved around him to his face, wiping my softening cock over his pretty lips to leave a smear of cum across them. His lips parted, his tongue darting out to cleanse it of the salty fluid. His own dick throbbed between his legs.

I sat down behind him, shifting the gun in and out of him once again, purring as the blood was joined by my cum. "Touch yourself." I whispered softly, still moving the gun in and out of him. He removed his right hand from the floor to his crotch, wrapping his fingers around his dick and jerking himself off at an almost blinding pace.

His body tensed and he let out a soft sound of pleasure, climaxing over his clothed stomach and hand. I removed the gun from his body, setting it on the floor beside him as I watched him lick his slender fingers clean. Such a hot boy. I'd make sure never to clean that gun again.
Tags: fic, matthew davies, matthew davies/sean smith, sean smith, slash, the blackout
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