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We Might Cause A Fire

We Might Cause A Fire
Pairing: Bill Kaulitz/Mikey Way/William Beckett
Rating: NC-17
POV: Bill
Warnings: Crossdressing
Notes: The next Christmas fic. For nz_bonjovi_gal

Mikey ran his hands through my hair, purring softly against my ear. "It's so soft." He whispered, his hardness pressing against my ass. My dick twitched inside my panties as his left hand moved lower. His fingers circled around my nipple, tweaking the small erect bud. I let out a small whimper at the feeling, which made him chuckle low in his throat. He gripped my hair tight, his lips kissing along my neck. His hand shifted over my stomach, his fingertips ghosting over my skin, until he arrived at my panties. He pushed the soft material down, causing me to release a soft sigh as my dick was freed from the confines.

As the underwear slid down my legs, I gazed at the other man in the room. William was sprawled out on the bed, his long legs spread wide as he stroked his slim cock. His eyes were fixed on us, his tongue snaking out over his lips. I smirked at the sight, pushing my ass back against Mikey's dick causing him to moan. Mikey bit onto my neck, hard enough that I was sure to have a visible mark. Thankfully my hair would conceal it from prying eyes

I stepped out of panties and turned slightly in Mikey's hole when he let go of my hair. As soon as our bodies pressed together he resumed his grip on my hair, his other hand cupping my ass. I smiled, crashing my lips against his, much to his surprise. He soon got over it, sliding his tongue into my mouth to wiggle it around my own. His corsetted body pressed against mine, our hard dicks rubbing against each other. I reached around him, planting my left hand on his ass to dig my painted nails into his flesh, my other hand fingering the laces of the corset.

His fingers moved between my cheeks, his slim digits searching for my entrance. I let out a soft moan against his lips, pushing myself back against his finger as it probed me. William hadn't given us anything specific to do so everything we did was made up as we went along. The only thing he'd told us to do was for Mikey to wear a thong and corset and for me to wear a dress and panties. Of course, the dress and thong quickly vanished, lost before we'd even got really into it. His forefinger joined the middle one, the pair thrusting in and out of me steadily. His dick left a sticky smear on my hip as he rocked against me, the wetness covering part of my star tattoo. He retreated his fingers from me, his lips leaving mine to catch his breath. He raised his fingers before our faces, splitting them so we could each lap at the sweet saltiness from my ass. I purred around it, sucking it until it was clean, Mikey doing the same.

Mikey rested his forehead against mine and he whispered softly. "Wrap your legs around me." I nodded as he wrapped his arm back around me again to hold me, as I lifted myself my slim legs wrapping around his small waist, my stilettos digging into the backs of his legs. He lifted me up some more, lowering me onto his erect cock. I let out a low moan of pleasure as he filled me, his head rubbing against my insides. I wiggled slightly, holding onto his corset as he pushed me against the wall. He began thrusting the second my back pressed against the wall, causing me to both mutter in German and squeeze him tightly. I lifted myself up and down his dick as well, shifting slightly to try an get him to hit my sweet spot. After a few clumsy movements, we finally managed to get him at the right angle to hit it dead on making me let out a louder moan then any I'd previously emitted.

I rocked myself up and down on his cock as he thrust steadily inside me. I scratched at his ass, using my other hand to start undoing the laces off the shiny black corset. Behind him, William kept stroking himself, though he was now shifting off the bed. I kissed Mikey again, sliding my tongue into his mouth, tasting him. He tasted vaguely of smoke and sugar, with the ever present aftertaste of coffee. I squeezed his dick, trying to bring him off in the ways I knew he liked.

His body tensed, his dick thrusting fully inside me as his lips broke from mine. I didn't need to look to know Willim was behind him, his sharp hips flush against his ass, his cock buried fully inside Mikey in one movement. My feet now pressed against William's legs as he began thrusting, each one making Mikey thrust deeper into me. William's arms wrapped around Mikey, his left hand stroking my stomach whiile his right gripped my cock, stroking it at a rapid pace. I thrust up into his hand, watching him kiss, bite and lick at the back of Mikey's neck. He was sure to leave marks similar to those Mikey had made on me, though his would be more visible due to his shorter hair.

We began moving in a form of unison, with William being in the most control. Mikey clawed at my sides as our lips met again, our moans of pleasure swallowed by each other's throats. William moved slightly, leaning around Mikey to bite on my neck, marking me as he had done to the other man moments before. I broke my lips from Mikey's letting out a loud yelp of pleasure, spurting over my belly and Mikey's corset.

I held onto Mikey, my body becoming limp while I panted, squeezing him tight as I orgasmed. William lifted up his sticky hand in front of us and I lazily licked my salty cum from his fingers as Mikey did the same. He came next, his fluids splattering over my insides. William pulled out of Mikey slowly, his cock still hard and aching. He pushed us both down onto our knees, pressing out heads against each other before stroking his dick over our faces. I gazed up at him, still panting while Mikey's cum oozed out of my body. William's breath was hitching every few moments, a sign that he was getting closer to the edge. I smiled and parted my lips, running my tongue over them languidly. Mikey did the same, looking up at WIlliam with lust still in his hazel eyes.

William let out a small, soft chuckle before cumming over our faces. I caught some on my tongue, turning to face Mikey when he'd finished, lapping at what I could from his features. He did the same to me, before helping me onto my feet. Together, we all lay on the bed, our limbs wrapping lazily around each other. "That was fun." William spoke, the first of us to speak really words since we'd started fucking.

"Mmm..." Mikey responded, stretching his arms as William removed the corset from him, tossing it onto the chair beside the bed when he was done. "Who's turn is it tomorrow?"

"Mine." I replied, smirking at the thought of what I had in mind for them tomorrow.

Mikey let out a low groan, flopping against the bed and wrapping his arms around William's body. "As long as you keep that 10 inch dildo away from my ass I'll have fun princess."

I grinned, kissing him gently before drifting off. Maybe I'd have to change my ideas slightly to get it back in him. After all, he'd get payback the day after.
Tags: bill kaulitz, bill kaulitz/mikey way/william beckett, fic, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash, the academy is..., tokio hotel, william beckett
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