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Only At The End

Only At The End
Pairing: Ray Toro/Gerard Way
POV: Ray
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Death, necro
Notes: Christmas fic for bloodyhands who wanted ficof Ray with dead!Gerard.

I gazed at Gerard from the shadows, watching him as he walked out of the closet, straightening his clothes as he moved. A few minutes later the door opened again and out came Gerard's younger brother. The slim boy ran a hand through his messed up hair to straighten it out, before taking a quick glance around before disappearing around the corner. I balled my fists, digging my nails into my hands.

Little bastard.


I ran my hands along Gerard's beautiful body, his bare skin a pale, milky white. This wasn't the first time I'd had him in my bed, after all Gerard had certain... needs. When he quit the drugs and the alcohol, his remaining addiction increased ten fold. It was no secret that he liked cock, no matter it's source. Big cock, small cock, even his brother's, it didn't matter to him. He just needed it. No one man would ever be able to satisfy the hunger he had, so he had as many men as he could.

For awhile that was fine to me, but now it became too much for me. Unlike the others I loved him. He was all I thought about, all I needed and wanted. No one else made me feel the way that he did. My heart fluttered whenever I saw him.

Gerard opened his eyes, those beautiful orbs of his blinking as he awoken. I smiled at him, kissing just above the cloth gag that filled his mouth. He squirmed slightly, struggling against the bonds that restrained him to the bed he currently resided in. Fear was all too evident in those hazel eyes of his. "What's wrong beautiful?"

I turned my head in the direction he was looking at and smiled. "What? That?" I smiled and slipped off the bed, walking towards the dresser he was looking at and picking up what was there. I returned to him, lifting it right in his eyeline. "What's wrong? You've seen your brother's head countless times." I ran my fingers through Mikey's hair, licking my thick lips as I did so. "Is it because it's not attached to his body anymore? Is that it?" He nodded though I almost didn't see it. I smiled and returned Mikey's head to it's position on the dresser, sitting on the bed beside him. "You know, he screamed for you when I did it." I smirked as I recalled his pitiful screams, my cock hardening like it had back then. "I'm sure it was very painful for him."

He sobbed softly and I rubbed his tears away with my thumb, gazing into his eyes. "Shush, don't cry now." I soothed him gently, my other hand stroking at his black locks. "He's not alone, if that's any comfort." He looked at me, confusion clearly in his tear filled eyes. I turned his head towards the wall where I'd pinned the skin that had been Frankie's chest. The tattoos that had been inked on him was clear, despite the streaks of blood that covered it. "Worm, James, Matt and Brian are dead too. I had to kill them for having you so much. You should be all mine."

He mumbled against the gag and I released it from him, freeing him to talk. He coughed, looking llike he'd throw up, but he didn't. "Bob..."

"He's alive." I tapped my bottom lip lightly. "I was going to gouge out those pretty blue eyes of his, but he pleaded better then the rest." I nodded to the room's ceiling. "He's upstairs, safely locked up with Bert. Did you know that Bob always had a crush on him? Ever since he was their roadie. They're going to be happy together up there." I ran my hands over Gerard's chest, feeling him try to squirm away from me. To make sure the pair of them wouldn't be able to leave, I'd severed both of their legs. Again their screams had been delicious.

"Let me go Ray..."

"Why would I? You'd just run after the next guy you see!" I growled low in my throat, wrapping my hands arounnd his throat. "That's not going to happen anymore Gerard. I'm going to be the only guy inside you from now on. I smiled and moved between his legs, nudgiung them apart. I grinned at the fear in his eyes, thrusting my large cock into him roughly. He let out a low cry of pleasure, but I just smiled and pressed my thumbs against his windpipe.


I watched him as his skin became even paler, his lips turning into a pale shade of blue. It made my cock pulse as he squirmed, his ass clenching tight around my member. I shifted one hand from his neck, stroking his hard dick. Little slut always got hard from being fucked. I kept my grip tight around his neck as I fucked him harder. "Oh Gerard, you feel amazing..." He'd stopped struggling or even making sounds of protest. His pretty eyes rolled into his head, though I didn't stop even then. He came over my hand, which caused me to speed up my thrusts.

I wiped his cum onto his face. "Slut." I licked my lips as the fluid transfered from my hand to his cheeks. Once that was done I gripped his hip, slamming him hard and fast. I tipped my head back, letting out a low cry as I filled him up, spurting deep inside him. I let go of his throat, sliding out of him and watching him intently.

"Gerard?" He didn't respond, didn't move at all. I slapped his cheek gently, watching him for any signs of life. Normally after choking someone during sex they'd black out and then wake after a few minutes. So I shifted to sit beside him, watching him intently. "Gerard? Please wake up. Please." Desperation crept into my voice with every word.

After all that I'd done to get him here, now he was dead and by my hand. I closed my eyes and pressed my body against him, crying softly as I felt how cold and lifeless he was. I buried my head into his shoulder, crying softly, my tears staining his pale skin.
Tags: bert mccracken, bert mccracken/bob bryar, bob bryar, fic, frankie iero, gerard way, gerard way/ray toro, mikey way, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash, the used
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