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Sight without seeing

I got up at like 2 today. I didn't sleep till 5 causa Mikey.

I had a go on Rabbids. Most levels are good but the ones that use the balance board are less so (cause the board's not set up and I assume they'll be easily with it).

I failed to get a Christmas dragon egg, but I did get a twin one.

Mum's going out tomorrow to brave the sales. She's got a short list of what to look for.

Saw Narnia today. The brother's were doing it. And I now want a unicorn. (although my mind went bad places again... sigh)

I got the net working on the Wii again, but something's happened at Mikey's to close the gate so I still have loadas peaches. Tomorrow'll be more trips.

Reading these has made me both wanna go on Zelda again and do Link fic. I'm got a really good Sheik/Link one in my head planned out that I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna go back to the last of the Christmas fic tonight/tomorrow, to finish them before new year, then it's Into The Darkness until it's finished and a Zacky fic. I'll then switch to mostly doing one shots unless I decide to do the Hostel fic or Battle Royale fic. they're just notes now.

I'll do a post soon about why 2009 is/was mostly better then 2008. Cause it really has been. Also, pic post tomorrowish.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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