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Stolen technology

Before I go into my Doctor ramble: I just spent about 3 hours constructing my AT-TE. After 5 minutes, I manage to knock it off and lose 2 pieces (once I rebuilt it). Stuie should not be allowed legos. It's pretty cool though (even though it's got too few clones and I can't get the missle launchers to work.

Anyway, onto Doctor ramblings (which most of you probably won't get so...). How come is it that me (bit of of an idiot, would probably be the tin dog) worked out how the other Doctor thought he was the other Doctor before the proper Doctor did? Sometimes he can be so... thick.

Also, how the fuck did any Cybermen survive in the void? Millions of Cybermen wersus thousands of Daleks. As Sec said, it would take one Dalek to defeat them. Then the Doctor says that they actually managed to steal not one, but two pieces technology from the Daleks. So an army that couldn't even penetrate the shields of a single Dalek somehow managed to steal technology from them (technology they didn't even have when they entered the void). What?!

I liked it though, perhaps not as much as previous Christmas ones.

I loved the little Cybershades (they shoulda been in it more). There was something almsot cute about them. I'll get the fig of them that they'll inevitably do.

Yay for the Cyberking being a gender neutral title. Even though she became just a tad insane. Why doesn't anyone take the Doctor's offer of going to live in peace? (Cept Sec, who ended up being killed by the rest of the stupid Daleks. Why wasn't his sacrifice noted at the end of Journey's End? Asses.)

The Doctor trying to fight with a sword amused me.

Anyway, off I go!
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