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You've made me a happy little reindeer

Merry Christmas everyone! Again!

I was up early today which is odd for me. I was up at bout 7:30. Very strange.

I got all of the Jingle series! Hurrah! He's so adorable! I'll put pics up later

I'm annoyed that the wireless I leech off for the Wii's down. I don't know why. It screwed up while I was on Mikey's AC which was annoying.

It seems like mum's gonna be un-bitchy today, which is good.

Mum's gonna be going to the sales, so I've made a list of things to look for (the only definate thing is a Battle of The Bands game from Argos that's under £8).

So it's present list time (pictures later), hoo-rah! There's still a few awol ones (from Claire and Mikey, but I ain't seen them so...).

*8 GB MP3
*Adipose (even though I got one, one's for Mikey)
*Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City (Early present, cause I had it weeks ago and ramble)
*Auton twin pack
*Clone Wars Annual
*Cyberleader figure (ironic)
*Dalek toiletry set
*Death note Volume 3 Limited Edition (with stupid Misa cause Ryuk is so rare)
*Doctor regeneration set (which I'll probably keep sealed so I need to find Lleather-clad 10)
*Doctor Who storybook annual
*Grask and Sarah Jane two pack
*Indiana Jones: The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull
*Jelly bean dispenser
*Lego AT-TE
*Pizza cutting set
*Rayman Rabbids TV Party (although I got it, it's from a family friend who gave money)
*Star Wars Annual
*Voice Interactive Dalek (which'll chase Danny)
*Wii Fit (which surprised me cause it's nowhere... and I only really want it for Rabbids)

So, yay! Lots of random stuff and unexpected stuff. (Ok so the last two are the most unexpected of all but still...).

I'll do another post after Doctor Who to squee about it. I should really have got mum to watch all the Cybermen eps before this, but... oh well. Maybe in the coming days (cause Army Of Ghosts/Doomsday is awesome).
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