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The Sleeping Angel

The Sleeping Angel
Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way
POV: Mikey
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Slightly AU (with there being no MCR). The only Christmas fic that has anything to do with Christmas, and it's also fluffy. For x_monroeville_x

I yawned softly, stretching my arms over my head. A quick glance at the clock told me it was almost 7am, too early for me on most mornings. This day, however, was one I'd wake up early for anyway, ever since I was little. Christmas. I gazed at the other side of the bed, realising I was alone, my older brother absent.

With another soft yawn I slipped out of bed, pulling a black nightgown around my naked body and sliding my feet into a well-worn pair of Darth Maul slippers. Glancing through the gap in the parted curtains, I could make out snow falling over Newark.

I smiled to myself at the sight, heading into the en suite bathroom, wiping the sleep from my eyes with one hand as I released my morning piss with the other. Once I was done I flushed the toilet, wiping my hand on a small towel before leaving to seek out my brother. I found him in the living room downstairs, noting how he was crouched beside the fully decorated Christmas tree, his fingers sliding the various plugs into place to activate the myriad lights we had. Although he was more of a Halloween person, he still liked to have a proper tree with lights. I was just glad that he was the one to turn them on, so I got a brilliant view of his round ass.

I reached forward, gently cupping the barely concealled flesh, earning a soft gasp of surprise from his lips. "You're awake." He said with a smile as he straightened up, standing to his full height. I nodded and kissed him gently on the lips before parting. I glanced at the gifts that were assembled around the tree, from friends both close and distant and relatives that we hardly saw. "I was wondering how long it would take you." He smiled as he said that, his tone one that he'd used often on Christmas mornings. He was always awake before me.

He seperated from me to shift to the table, picking up a cup filled with coffee and hading it to me. I knew you'd want it." I smiled gratfully and swallowed as much as I could in one gulp. I felt it warm my body, waking me up as it did so. I downed the rest in a second gulp. "Present time." He said when I removed the cup from my line of sight, met by his face fileld with a grin. "Oh and you'lll need these!" He slipped my glasses on my face, which I'd forgotten to feel for in my eagerness to get down here.

Everything came in to focus then and we sat together on the sofa, Gerard handing the gifts that were labeled mine from the tree to me. Random gifts formed up on each side of the coffee table, where I'd set my mug once I'd sat down. Most were fairly normal things, the usual sweaters and socks that people alway recieved on this holiday. Bert had decided we needed to do more with our sex life so he'd given us sex toys, which made both of us roll our eyes. Ray had sent Gerard a pile of cds and given me a pure black unicorn statue. Frankie had sent us comics and also a ridicious Jabba toy that Gerard hadn't stopped going on about. The gift from Bob to both of us was Guitar Hero, because he just couldn't stop playing on it.

As soon as they were all opened, Gerard turned to me, a sly smile on his face. "I'll go get yours, it's not wrapped so..." His cheeks flushed into a blush, something which always made me smile and feel fuzzy inside.

I noded and watched him scamper away, absently playing with the anal beads Bert had given us. Why couldn't he give us some normal gift? I shook such thoughts away when I heard Gerard return. "Close your eyes." I heard shifting around as I let them lid, wondering what he could possibly be doing. "Ok, you can open them." His voice now had a hint of nervousness, clearly worried I might not like whatever he'd done for me.

I opened my eyes slightly, blinking a few times to adjust to the light, gazing at what he'd gotten. There, standing on an easel in front of the wall was a painting that he'd obviously spent a great deal of time on. It was a painting of me, lying in bed with my eyes closed, the sheets half covering my body to reveal an expanse of my back. In it I was smiling, with slightly messed up hair and a vague look of contentment on my sleeing face. "Oh Gee... wow, that's just... incredible."

"You really like it?" Gerard spoke up softly, pride and excitement clear in his voice. He'd obviously been needlessly worried that his gift would be rejected. I nodded, standing up and planting a slow kiss on his lips, running my hands along his sides to make it clear I really did appreciate it.

"I love it." I whispered softly against his lips, stroking his cheek. When we parted I retrieved the first of my gifts from under the sofa, smiling as his eyes glinting while he unwrapped it.

"Oh this is awesome Mikey! I'm gonna wear this all the time!" He grinned as he held the bat belt buckle in his hands, clasping it tight like it was something precious. He kissed me like I'd kissed him in return for my gift, though his kiss was much more urgent.

"It's not the only gift, but..." He nodded and silenced me with another kiss, before planting himself on my lap as he carefully set the buckle down on the table. I had a feeling we'd be trying one of Bert's gifts before I got to give him mine.
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash
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