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Epic Bullet Post Part 2

So I've done caps of the dvd (they're not brilliant) but I ended up doing over 150 so they're split in two posts. There's a rough order (as in which part of the dvd they're from) but apart from that it's just the order I've uploaded em. Enjoy all!

Be warned: caps include mild nudity, smoking, drinking, penis drawings and Padge

Epic Bullet Post Part 1: Videos, Drinking and Switzerland

Epic Bullet Post Part 2: Japan, flying and Oz

First two missing from last one

Shoulda been in Drinking

And this in the Switzerland


Being tourists

Matt lighting up

Jay+wasabi paste (I'm sure it is)

Moose drumming in a Buddha mask

Jay, Matt and cutie

Odd Welshies are odd

Smoking Padge is smoking

How cool's that?

But Matt's unsure


Penis drawing!

Jay at the airport



On the plane

Messing with Jay's hair


On a connecting bus (Jay likes making that face..)

At the hotel

Messing with Jay's hair..

Jay perving

Sleepy Padge

Matt's antics (this gets a special section all on it's own, though it doesn't on the dvd)

Oz/New Zealand

Bullet with food..

Padge onstage


Nother cock!

Matt primping

Moose's madness

Moose the editor
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