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Epic Bullet post part 1

So I've done caps of the dvd (they're not brilliant) but I ended up doing over 150 so they're split in two posts. There's a rough order (as in which part of the dvd they're from) but apart from that it's just the order I've uploaded em. Enjoy all!

Be warned: caps include mild nudity, smoking, drinking and Padge

Epic Bullet Post Part 1: Videos, Drinking and Switzerland

Scream Aim Fire

Matt's bandana (what's blue mean?)

The only good shot I could get of Jay

The only ones of Padge

Matt's neck

And armpit

Waking The Demon

The perdy boy

Who becomes this werewolf




Hearts Burst Into Fire

Jay the hobo

Who can't wait for the toilet

Padge being all cute sleeping

While Moose drums then pretends he's not


The warning

The main drinkers:

I know that's booze but it does look like piss... it's even yellowish!

Padge tries drinking with his eye...

While Matt tries air


The cute roadie guy (who I think look s a bit Bert-like)


Then they try rolling down a hill in a plastic ball (though inside just looks like some sort of extreme bondage...)
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