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Such Good Boys

Such Good Boys
Pairing: Brendon Urie/Padge/Spencer Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Padge
Warnings: BDSM, crossdressing
Notes: Next Christmas fic, for aerogroupie (even though you didn't request one you get on so... nyeh).

I stepped into my room, my dick hard and aching between my legs. My room was the largest in the whole house, with all my kinky stuff kept on right half and normal bedroom on the left. It was only like that because this place didn't have a basement. Standing beside a bed in the right was a slim boy, a pair of stilettos on his feet, a pair of black panties covering his crotch and a tightly laced corset around his chest. His dark hair hung just above his shoulders and his eyes were rimmed with a permenant line of black. His pouty lips were also jet black. "Hello sir." He smiled a little and sauntered over to me, swaying his hips.

"Hello little one." A rarely called him by his given name, Brendon. I kissed his lips gently, running a hand over his corsetted body. He let out a soft purr, his lips curling into a smile when we parted. I felt his hard on as I brushed my hand over his panties. I squeezed it gently, smiling as he emitted a soft squeak.

In looked behind him at the other boy in the room. His wrists were attached to a hook on the ceiling. and his beautiful body was naked. Unlike Brendon, he had a fuller face and extra weight on his belly. He looked at me with his pretty eyes, a large gag keeping his mouth open and stifling any noise he might want to make. His cock and balls were sealed in a little rubber chastity device, making appear as a slightly shiny black ball. I'd gotten them both as a set and sometimes that meant they'd do things they weren't supposed to. Like last night I came home to Spencer fucking Brendon's tight little ass. While it was a hot sight when I allowed it, when I didn't it just made me want to punish them. So today I'd left Spencer like that, hanging from the ceiling with his cock imprisoned and a plug up his ass, while I kept Brendon dressed as normal.

"Have you learned your lesson?" I asked him when I shifted to stand before him, a hand on the ball between his legs. He nodded wildly, his arms clearly aching from the position. I chuckled and thought for a moment, deciding to make him wait longer. I squeezed the ball once again, then turned back to Brendon. "What do you think?"

"I don't know sir. He seemed like he was good." He whispered in a soft voice, clearly hoping he was saying the right thing. I smiled, stroking the side of his face gently before kissing his nose.

I returned my atention to Spencer, reaching up to undo the restraints on his hands. As soon as they were freed he slumped forward and he would have fallen to the floor had I not been there to brace him. Wrapping my strong arms around him I guided him to get on his knees. Once I was sure he was stable I reached behind his head and unbuckled the gag. I set it on the floor carefully, smiling at him and stroking his hair. "That will stay on all night." I whispered softly, gesturing to his hidden cock and balls. He let out a soft whimper at my words, nodding slightly. He was a good boy really and I was sure he only misbehaved for the punishment I gave him.

I looked over at Brendon, my lips twisting into a smirk. "Fuck him." I sat on the edge of my bed, watching as Brendon shuffled behind the other boy, his fingers deftly removing the plug letting it fall beside the gag. Brendon kept his eyes on me as he eased the panties he wore down his legs, kicking them away gently.

The boy took up his position behind Spencer, glancing at me as he pushed his cock towards the opening. Only once I nodded did he thrust forward, making both of them groan. I palmed myself while I kept my gaze on them, as Brendon started to move in and out slowly. I knew that Brendon wasn't really a top and he only did it when he was told to. He seemed to be pretty good at it though, since he always made Spencer moan from the first thrust. Brendon bent over Spencer's back, kissing gently along his neck and shoulders, keeping the movements of his lips at a fairly slow and steady pace. Some might make a big deal about the pair of them being in love, but I neither minded nor cared. It didn't do me any harm having my pets in love and it was better then them hating each other. Sometimes, though not too often, I'd actual find myself envying their love.

Spencer let out a low groan as Brendon's kisses turned to bites and his hip movements became rougher. His nails racked along Spencer's sides, leaving red marks which would no doubt have faded by morning. I closed my fingers around my dick, my fist pumping slowly along my cock. I was going to be stroking myself any faster, since I'd be in Spencer's sweet ass soon enough.

Brendon's eyelids fluttered closed as his body became even more flush against Spencer. His full balls slapped against the curve of Spencer's arse, making a soft sound with each movement. I smiled as Brendon tipped his head back and let out a high-pitched howl, no doubt cumming at the same time he made it. He shifted away from Spencer's back and pulled out of his ass, sliding down onto his knees. His hands pulled the cheeks apart and he buried his face into it, making Spencer moan and whimper as he got his ass licked. I'm sure it must be incredibly frustrating him, to have Brendon give him all this pleasure yet to have his cock still restrained.

After a few moments Brendon pulled away and shuffled around on his knees until he was in front of the other boy, his lips shiny. They kissed gently, exchanging the fluids that Brendon had obtained from his ass licking. It was obvious to me that their tongues were twisting around each other, with Brendon making sure he got an ample taste of what he'd collected.

I stood up from the bed and walked towards them until I occupied Brendon's former location. I reached around Spencer's waist, undoing the strap that held the rubber prison in place. As it dropped to the floor, I heard Spencer release a soft sigh against Brendon's lips. I pushed foward, sliding easily into his wet passage. I let out a soft groan as he enveloped me, his inner muscles squeezing my shaft. I squeezed his now-hard dick with one hand, slapping his ass with the other. I released his dick as he yelped, scratching slowly up and down his back with that hand. On every second thrust I bought my hand down on his cheek, the skin turning brighter with each slap. Each sound my actions caused was swallowed by Brendon's lips, though that didn't last forever.

They broke their kissing, both too breathless to keep it up and they panted on each other's faces. I watched them, fairly unconcerned as I pounded and spanked Spencer's ass, finally switching hands to turn his other cheek to the same matching red as his left. He liked it though, pushing his arse back against me with each thrust I made. He was such a slut really, they both were.

Slowly Brendon rose to his feet and smiled at me, leaning forward to catch my lips with his own. I slipped my tongue into his mouth easily, able to still taste his cum on his tongue. I stopped spanking Spencer, tangling my hand in Brendon's hair and holding him close. I let my eyes fall shut hearing Spencer moan as he came over himself beneath me, only knowing he had by his increased tightening. Brendon's hands roamed my body, stroking at all the right places, his left even tentatively stroking my hairy ass. I smiled against his lips, releasing them to bury my head into his neck, biting at his flesh to leave fresh marks.

Moments later I bite him extra hard, shooting my load deep into Spencer's body. When my lips parted from Brendon's neck I let a soft moan and panted heavily. Easing out of him I returned to the bed., flopping down on it while Spencer fingered himself to gather all of what I'd deposited. Satisfied he had, he slurped the pearly liquid off his fingers, making little happy sounds at the taste. Brendon followed me to the bed, climbing up beside me and curling up against my side, Spencer doing the same to my opposite side. I smiled down at them, stroking their hair with each of my hands. Such good boys.
Tags: brendon urie, brendon urie/padge/spencer smith, bullet for my valentine, fic, padge, panic! at the disco, slash, spencer smith
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