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Any of you that heard a high-pitched (but sleepy) squee earlier, that was me. It came! Hurrah! (Naturally it comes when the Jay spam is done). I'm going through Bullet TV cause I've already seen the videos.

Things to squee about on it:
*Padge, no matter how drunk you are you can't drink with your eye
*One of their tour crew's cute
*They've paraglided in Switzerland
*Then rolled down a hill in a plastic bubble
*Jay will apparently lick anything squirted on his finger (and doesn't know what wasabi paste is)
*If left alone with a white board and pens, Padge will draw a dick
*And include a dribble of cum with a smily face in it
*There's something hot about Padge saying 'flying can suck my dick'
*They like messing with Jay's hair
*Jay+glass is cute
*Jay anyway is cute
*Matt has a nice arse
*When left with food, they'll be amusing
*Yay for swimming so they all get topless!
*Moose dancing is funny
*I wonder how much of their footage had to get cut for pervyness?

Sadly it's not that long, although most cd/dvds are short anyway. I watched all the Bullet TV's in half an hour (with the videos it'll probably be 45 mins so...). The only slightly annoying think about the Bullet TV really is that it's got the music dubbed over most of it so you can't hear what they say.
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