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What Have I Told You?

What Have I Told You?
Pairing: Bill Kaulitz/Tom Kaulitz
Rating: NC-17
POV: Tom
Warnings: BDSM, slight crossdressing
Notes: Another Christmas fic, this time for missxtravesty who wanted dom!Bill.

"Get out." He spoke in his thick accent as he pulled me into the backstage area. Georg and Gustav were occupying two of the chairs, with the former playing on some video game and the latter flipping through a magazine. Both stood and left the room with a word, knowing it was pointless to argue with Bill. Whenever they'd tried in the past it just ended up as a massive bitchfest.

Before they'd even got to the door Bill was pushing me towards the sofa, intent on getting what he wanted. He practically threw me onto it, crashing his lips on mine as I landed on it. His hands were on me, sliding under my t-shirt to stroke at my skin. His thumbs pressed against my nipples, rubbing them in circles until they got hard. His pushed out of his mouth, wiggling against my lips until I granted him entrance. As soon as it was inside, he explored my wet cavern, completely dominating my own tongue. I let my eyes lid, my own hands reaching to touch him before being batted away.

"What have I told you about touching me?" He whispered against my lips, reaching down and removing a leather strap from one of his pockets. It wasn't real leather, I knew that much, but it still looked and felt the same. "Well?" He said when I didn't respond, rapping his fingers on my chest.

"That I can't unless you tell me to."

"Good boy." He removed his other hand from me and pulled my hands together, raising them up above my head and securing the strap around them tightly. "Much better." His task done, he stood and began to undress. He sometimes teased nme by doing a slow striptease that would last up to half an hour. Fortunately this was the not one of those times. He quickly removed his clothing, tossing it onto the chair that Georg had occupied. His girls pants soon followed, sliding down those perfect legs of his. His panties dropped seconds later, revealing my twin's beautiful hard cock. I gazed at the shaft, licking my lips as he stepped out of his clothes, crossing the short distance back to me to get my lower half naked.

My pants fell to the floor, my boxers following quicky, his hands removing them from around my ankles. He grinned at the sight of me, licking his lips before flipping me onto my stomach, the painted nails of his hands scratching my ass. I heard, just about, a soft knock on the door, though Bill picked up on it more. He growled and turned his head around, his shock of hair moving with him. "Fuck off!"

The knock ceased and he returned his attention to me, squeezing some lube on his middle finger before thrusting it insistantly into my body. My eyelids fluttered closed from the sensation, it eaarning me a sharp tugging on my dreadlocks. "What the fuck have I told you about your eyes?" I blushed and opened them as quickly as I could, feeling a second digit join the first. He wiggled both inside my entrance, opening me up for him. My cock pressed against the sofa, aching hard with arousal at what was to come.

I didn't have long to wait.

He quickly removed his fingers and moved between my legs, thursting his dick inside me roughly. I let out a low cry of pleasure, only to have that stifled by my balled up boxers forced into my mouth. Like touching and closing my eyes, he didn't like me making too much noise. He held onto my ass, fucking me hard. His hips dug into the skin of my ass with each thrust. He dug his nails into my skin hard as he increased his speed. I clenched my hole around him, the same way I knew he liked. Groans of pleasure left his lips, followed by a string of swear words as he bit into my neck marking me as his again. I had many such marks all over my body.

He slapped my ass lightly, shifting to nip at the opposite side of my neck just hard enough to draw blood. His movements alternated between fast and slow, the latter being his way to attempt slowing down his orgasm. I let out muffled moans of pleasure, clenching around him every deep thrust he made.My cock was still pressed against the sofa, aching and neglected. Even if I was ungaged and begged he wouldn't touch me, another thing of his.

When he came it was hard and fast, the fluid hitting my hidden walls. With a low grunt he pulled out of me, panting softly as he pushed my pants back up my legs, not caring about my underwear still being in my mouth. He did up my fly, the palm of his hand ghosting my dick as he did so. "No cumming until I say you can." He chuckled softly, the words not needing to be said anyway. With that he began dressing, though I couldn't really see him as he did. Instead, I heard him pull up his panties and do up his pants, as well as slip his t-shirt back on. Only when he was fully dressed did he return to me and undo the strap binding my hands.

"Let's go."

With my dick still painfully hard, I followed my twin out.
Tags: bill kaulitz, bill kaulitz/tom kaulitz, fic, slash, tokio hotel, tom kaulitz
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