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Last night was spent writing and on Animal Crossing to get rid of those peaches again. Two Christmas fics down.

And there was this which everyone should watch/hear.

Today's been annoying cause I couldn't just be left in bed could I? Mum wanted to go to Cannock so was at first insisting I go (and woke me up expecting me to leave in 10 minutes) but I convinced her to go without me. Bullet hasn't come so Bullet day's tomorrow instead.

Just when I'm warm and comfy the phone rings... and it's a wrong number or something (cause they hang up right away. Not long after mum calls to tell me when the Iceland stuff's coming and soon after that it turns up.


She then comes back and ends up dragging me to the garden center. We look at the fish and they have cute ickle crabs and sea horses. I wish I could have one. They also had ickle baby Zeroes, which were so cute. I ended up getting a plant, because I want one in here and it was nice looking.

When we got back I was out again to try and get cheap Pepsi, but they were all out. Sigh. So after a wasted trip my hands are like ice.

Mum's meant to be coming up after The Simpsons to catch the second The X-Files movie. I hope the fact it's set in a cold place doesn't make me cold too.

My cousin's coming tomorrow, bringing the Nintendo codes he's got.
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