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Watching In The Dim Light

Watching In The Dim Light
Pairing: Matt Heafy/Paolo Gregoletto/Robb Flynn
Rating: NC-17
POV: Robb
Warnings: Toys, voyeurism
Notes: the second Christmas fic, this one for chemicalskye, hope yous likes.

Low moans filled the air as I stepped onto the tour bus. Curious, I followed the sound to the source at the rear of the bus. I stilled when I saw two figures in front of me and I shifted so most of my body was concealed by the bunks. I watched them as they kissed, most of the clothing that had covered them already scattered around their feet. Although the light was dim, I could just about make them out as Matt and Paolo, Matt's tattoos being the main giveaway as to his identity.

Paolo's pants fell to his ankles, the bulge of his cock clear in his underwear. He stepped out of his pants slowly, pushing his hips up against Matt's own boxer-clad crotch. I felt my own cock twitch in arousal from the sight. Sure, I probably shouldn't be aroused by seeing two of my friends making out, but I didn't exactly care. I watched as Matt pushed the other man against the nearest surface, a hand cupping Paolo's covered dick.

Their lips parted and they both panted for air, though Matt still kept his lips close to Paolo's. "You want me don't you slut?" Paolo could only groan and make something that ressembled a nod. "No, you need it don't you? Need my dick."

"Please Matt..."

He chuckled at the desperate plea, but nonetheless relented his teasing, yanking down Paolo's underwear in one quick motion. Second's later he did the same to his own, stepping out of them and kicking them away from him. They landed within reach of my location. When I was sure they were too wrapped in each other again to notice, I crouched down and reached out, quickly snatching them up. When I resumed my standing position, I raised them to my face and inhaled, palming my cock with my left hand.

Matt reached behind Paolo, hiis hand moving to his ass. He pulled out what he found there quickly, dropping it to the floor and letting it roll along the floor. The dildo eventually stopped when it hit one of the bunks, though it was too close to them for me to even try and reach.

I shifted my gaze from the slick toy to the pair of them, their cocks pressing against each other. Matt's fingers were buried between the curve of Paolo's ass, at least two of them thrusting into his opening. I bite into the black boxers to keep myself quiet, unzipping my fly as quietly as possible. I popped open the top button, shifting the material of my own underwear aside so I could grab my cock.

Matt growled softly, pushing Paolo down to the floor on all fours and removing his fingers from him. With each hand he pulled apart Paolo's asscheeks, spitting at the crack as soon as it was revealed to him. When he stopped, he rammed his dick into him, making Paolo moan even louder. Once he was all the way inside him he stopped and spoke again. "Come out, come out. I know you're there." I let out a soft gasp of surprise, which was muffled by the boxers in my mouth. Paolo seemed to share my surprise, though matt was clearly unconcerned by whatever he thought. He grabbed Paolo's long and yanked his hair back roughly. "Open up slut for our guest." Paolo's lips parted in a lage o shape, his tongue flicking out to wet his bottom lip. Matt pulled out and thrust hard into Paolo's ass, making him let out a low groan from deep in his throat. "If you don't come out and fuck his throat in my next two thrusts, then I'll fuck you."

I gulped quickly pushing my pants the rest of the way to the floor, dropping the underwear oonto my own and stepping out into the corridor. "Ah Robb, I had a feeling it was you." he locked eyes with me, growling again and nodding at Paolo's head. I stepped forward quickly, pushing half of my cock between his lips before Matt could thrust again. "There we go." Matt smiled at me, licking his lips. "Now you're overdressed, arms up." I raised both my arms above my head, his hands leaving Paolo to remove my sleeveless tee. "Much better." He muttered, dropping it to the floor carelessly before returning his hands to their former positions.

Paolo started to pressed his tongue against me, shifting his mouth to fully accomodate me. I made soft sounds of pleasure, shifing a hand to his hair as he suckled on me hungrily. I wasn't totally sure if he was doing it more to please me or Matt. Soon I wasn't caring as his tongue flicked at my piercings, his head bobbing uregently on my dick.

Matt was thrusting at a faster pace then before, his hips and balls slapping against Paolo's cheeks with each movement. He released Paolo's hair, running the fingers up my body slowly. he circled each nipple, tugging on each bud lightly before moving him, playing with my septum piercing before gripping my hair in a similar fashion to how he'd held Paolo's before. He tugged on my hair, forcing me to bend down and towards him. He pushed my face into his arm pit, the scent of his sweat quickly overwhelming me. "Lick." He hissed out the word and I soon complied, extending my tongue to taste the sweat drenched skin. The taste made my cock twitch more in Paolo's eager mouth. After a few moments he yanked my head back, pushing it into his opposite pit to do the same. This time I did so without being told. "Mmm so good." He panted softly above me, his whole body twitching. There was no doubt to me that he was close.

"Fucking whores, both of you." He held my hair tight, the sound of his movements speeding up. Paolo massaged me with my lips, humming softly around my length. I was finding it hard to hold on myself, especially as Paolo reached around and stroked my hairy ass. Matt released a cry above me, and I assumed that meant he came. My assumption proved correct when he moved back from us, the sweet smell of his sweat leaving me. However, he didn't release his grip on my hair and he pushed me down towards Paolo's freshly fucked ass. I could see the pearly white fluid ooze out of him as his hole twitched. Without being told again I extended my tongue and licked at it, pushing my tongue into him slowly, tasting the salty fluid. It was that taste that set me off, my cock spasming in Paolo's mouth, coating his tongue as well as the back of his throat.

Only then did Matt let go off my hair and i shifted my head abck to watch him flop in the couch of the bus's rear lounge. I slipped my cock out of Paolo slowly, lpanting softly and heading over to join him on the seat. Before my ass even connected with it, he gave it a firm slap. "Bitches sit on the floor. " He spoke offhandedly, flicking on the remote for the tv. I gave him a look, which just made him smirk as I sat on the floor next to Paolo. "You'll be a bitch before the night's out, don't you worry."
Tags: fic, machine head, matt heafy, matt heafy/paolo gregoletto/robb flynn, paolo gregoletto, robb flynn, slash
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