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There is no truth, they just make it up as they go along

I've got the cards ready now, after doing them lsast night. I'd have sent them already but I couldn't find the stamps.

I watched Heroes last night. I just wanna snuggle Hiro and Sylar. And I want the next part. It was the first time for this series that I watched the next ep on BBC3, just cause I wanted to (and I'd probably forget when it was shown on 2 next week).

Also last night I got a new Myspace app thing with a cutes ickle bunny! It's so cute! I called it Jay.

I'm now on AC, running around and sorting the peaches again. It's scary how many of the fuckers there is. I'm also looking for Saharah, who's meant to be about somewhere.

Bullet didn't come so Bullet day's been put on hold again. Sigh.

I finally have an X-Files icon. Predictablely perhaps, it's Krycek. It took so long to find a picture I liked enough (I amused went for one from The End where his hair's sorta fuffyish).

I had a dream last night (that for once wasn't perverted). It was weird because I was talking to Frankie (which is strange in and of itself, cause I've never really bothered about the shorty). One thing I rememebr asking is about those shoes he's endorsing for a cure. I do know there was more though.

Off to finish peaches, then find stamps/post cards and work out what to do for the day. maybe I'll write.

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