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Why is it I can't seem to find he strengh of will to write five damn Christmas cards? That's all I've got to send and I'm sure I'm rounding up by one on that number. Hopefully I'll do and send them tonight. Maybe.

Last night mum went out so I was alone, she came back with my cousin and insisted I stay with them till she went to sleep. Sigh.

Now she's come back from nan's and she's moaning again, though she's tired so she'll probably be asleep any minute and I won't have to deal with it.

I've gotta try and do Into The Darkness before Friday, cause I want it finished asap. I'm gonna try and finish at least one Christmas fic for each person that requested one before Christmas. However one or two might be late.

Kerrang today's not that special, despite being 40p more. Couldn't they have found one of Bullet/The Blackout to do the end of year thing (and where's the calendar that's usually free by now? Puzzling this is). The only amusing thing is the picture of Jimmy with baubles in his hair. Mikey, there's a comp in it you'll want to do.

I got Mikey's card today, it's perdy< 3. I didn't expect the Tokyo things to be wrapped up though.

I'm after this. It's on the Nintendo site and it's a redeemable thing. With some games you can register for points (mostly Mario, Zelda and Pokemon games) and when you get 15000 you can get that. I've got 5000. My cousin's giving me his, mum'll find me the Wii box to register that, I've got mum's DS to do at Christmas and I've ask Claire and Mary-Clare for there's. That should cover mee, but if anyone has any codes, feel free to send them (they're in little slips with the games and require to be scratched off with a coin).

I managed to do everything I needed on Animal Crossing yesterday and today balloon guy was there again so I got a red bunny balloon. Hopefully he'll be there in the morning cause he seems to do full weeks with people.

Tomorrow'll be Bullet day/night.

My head hurts. I've just had a spike of pain and now it's gone down to a dull sort of ache. In the words of Lucky 'Ow'.
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