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Who heard of a wedding dress with pockets?

I'm back from Cannock, this time having gone much better Asda took the card, so away it goes never to be seen again. I'm also glad I only walked one way in the cold.

I feel better then I did when I came back yesterday. (Though obviously I still hate that picture.)

What the fuck's wrong with Amazon though? I paid extra to get Bullet sent first class for a reason, that reason was for it to be sent yesterday. It's still not been sent. I was gonna have a Bullet day today but I guess I'll postpone it.

I'm on Animal Crossing now and I've gotta get 60000 bells today before Nook closes for expansion so I can has next house upgrade. Cut to me fishing like mad as soon as this post is done. I hate that I can't do a design right. I want to do the inverted triforce from Majora's Mask and can't seem to get it right. Curse my none steady hands.

Though I did finally meet the balloon guy and get a bubble wand.

I have to get more face accessories for when Jingle comes next week. I need about 10 and I have 2.

I've just realised I lack an AC icon. Is there a cap of Rover anywhere?

I may go later to get some Pepsi, though it's cheapest about 10 minutes + walk each way. Sigh.

I'm doing the cards tonight to send when I get Kerrang in the morning.

I cut my finger last night but I can't remember how.

I'm hungry so I'll eat as soon as mum gets back. I've got doritos tonight for watching The X-Files/Survivors/maybe some of Bullet. Mums going out tonight so it'll be nice and quiet.

I got dragon eggs! Two rares! Yay!
Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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