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One Of The Good Ways To Ruin Make-Up

One Of The Good Ways To Ruin Make-Up
Pairing: girl!Spencer Smith/Ryan Ross
Rating: NC-17
POV: girl!Spencer
Warnings: Het, BDSM, strap-on sex
Notes: Written as a different girl!Spencer then the one from the other fic. Another anon_lovefest fic.

I looked at Ryan as he shuffled from one foot to the other, his hair and make-up all perfect around both eyes. If I'd seen him walking along the street I'd have assumed that his looks meant he was gay. Maybe a part of him was, not that I really cared that much. "On all fours." I whispered in a low voice, watching as he followed my command as soon as the words left my lips. Apart from a bandana looped casually around his neck, he was completely naked, just how I liked him.

I stood up and moved around him slowly, running a gloved hand over his body as I did so. He shivered just a little from my touch, though didn't move in any real, noticeable way. He was learning. I traced my fingers along the path of his spine, ending my path only when my hand arrived at his dark hair. "Did you do what I told you?" I whispered as I gripped his hair, pulling his head back slightly.

"Yes mistress." He replied in that strangely deep voice of his. It really didn't suit him. I nodded slightly and glanced at the pile of clothes that lay pooled on the floor in the other room. In the middle of it all was a slick purple plug.

"Good by." I moved away from him, picking up the strap on dildo I had prepared before hism arrive. It was only mid-sized, but that's all what his little body could take for now. I secured the straps around my waist and thighs, buckling them up securely before taking up a position in front of him. Most of the shaft was fairly slick already, although I still liked to see him wiggle that talented tongue of his over the rubber head. I watched as he did it for a few tongue swipes, never moving his lips to take it because I hadn't told him to do so. Satisfied, I patted his head and moved to his ass, gripping each cheek with a gloved hand and spreading them apart. I gazed at his twitching hole, the ring wide enough to except the equipment I had.

With a steady push of my hips I inched inside of him, filling him completely in seconds. He let out a series of low groans, his eyes squeezed shut as he adjusted to being filled. I waited just a few seconds before starting to move, going at a fairly erratic pace just to keep him gazing. Each time I entered him though I treid to search for that spot that all males secretly liked to be touched. most would never know the pleasures of it, to cowardly to even consider trying something new, but others like little Ryan were willing to at least try it out. He clawed at the floor, resting his forehead against it as I found that secret place.

With a sly smile I kept assulting that spot, wrapping a hand around him to leisurely stroke his neglected cock. He jerked his sharp hips forward to meet my hand, though a quick slap to his ass soon reminded him who was in charge. I purposely slowed my movements on his dick while speeding up my thrusts inside him. The base of the dildo rubbed against my pussy, making me wetter each time it filled him.

Deciding he'd had enough I pulled out of him with a soft pop, undoing the straps and returning it to it's spot. He made a soft whimper at the loss, but quickly bit his lip when I sat on the bed before him. As soon as I parted my legs his eyes seemed to sparkle a little. "Get to work."

He nodded and moved between my legs, extending his tongue and licking my opening in slow movements. I gasped softly, holding his hair again as he wiggled it over my clit before slipping into me. He did lazy circles with his tongue, before working it deeper, his hand holding onto and stroking my thighs. I bucked my hips agaisnt his face, my eyes lidding from the pleasure. He gently rubbed his nose against my clit, making me tremble in pleasure.

"You may touch yourself." I whispered, trying desperately to keep my voice from stuttering. I raised my eyelids enough to watch as he took his cock in hand, stroking it much faster then I ever had. I moaned softly, not caring about that, too wrapped up in my own pleasures. My body jerked again as I came, covering his face with the sticky fluid. He didn't stop though, still licking deep inside me.

When I managed to open my eyes and focus my gaze on him, I saw that he'd climaxed over his belly, leaving a large white smear on his skin. He gently rubber the tips of his thumbs against the sides of my opening, intent on bringing me off a second time despite my loosened grip on his soft hair. Only when I'd came a second time did he move away, kissing my pussy lightly and wiping his face with the backs of hi s hands, licking both of them in turn.

With a sigh of contentment I lay back on the bed, watching him stand before joining me on the sheets. "Same time next week?" He asked in a timid voice, as I wrapped an arm around him. I made no verbal reply to him, merely nodded. I smiled inwardly as I looked at hs face. His make-up was totally ruined.
Tags: fic, girl!spencer smith, girl!spencer smith/ryan ross, het, panic! at the disco, ryan ross
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