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Nine times just to get it right

Am I pissed off or am I pissed off?

Answer should be obvious.

Today I went to Cannock to see about getting Rabbids. I walked both ways in the freezing cold, just to find they wouldn't take the card. At first I thought it was just cause there was a bit of money short, but there's not. Bah. So mum's giving me the money and tomorrow I'm gonna use what's on the card in Asda (although now I don't get the fucking game till Christmas). I also waited forever in a Post Office line just to get out 70p. I must've been fucking nuts.

After tomorrow I'm chucking that card in the top drawer and it's not fucking seeing the light of day again. It's just too much trouble then it's worth. I'm better off asking to use someone elses then using that fucker.


There's a picture of Gerard and Lyn-Z doing the rounds. He looks dopped up and she looks like a fucking robot. Or something. She just looks so fucking creepy. She doesn't look normal. Then again, she never does. I'd throw her off a bridge but she'd probably survive.

Bullet's not been shipped yet though it's supposed to be sent today. Send it now fuckers, I want that here tomorrow.

I should probably unleash my rage on something. Like Resident Evil or Link's Crossbow Training or Clone Wars where I can just beat the crap out of/shoot insanely everything that gets in my way. Instead I'm going on Animal Crossing to sort out peaches in hopes it'll relax me.

I may, if I'm calm, do a fic for anon lovefest cause there's two I could do but I'm not sure.

I'm putting off cards even though there's stamps due to rage.

And now LJ's fucking around too. Bah.
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