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Surrender and your lives will be spared

I've missed most of Episode II on tv, but I caught Kit's bit! Yay!

Anyway, last night youtube liked me for awhile enough to see two cute videos. One's of Beluga whales being cute! I love how they blow bubbles (1 minutes in). The other's of a hamster being fwends with a snake, it's so adorable.

Today we went to the home for the Christmas party thing. It was nice and we had some food. We also won a few things in the raffle. the main thing was a fruit and veg hamper and others were two cuddles (a teddy with stars on it that I thought was cute and a panda).

I may end up helping mum at work tomorrow and Tuesday. 42 kids between 2 and 3. I must be outta muy little mind.

My arms ache from carrying the hamper and I'm going on Animal Crossing soon. I've lost the digibox remote, so it'll be more X-Files after that.

Inspiration hasn't struck so.... and no stamps means cards'll be done post tomorrow.
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