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Squeeing post of squeeing

This is the last post of the night and it's mostly just random squeeage (ok, it totally is).

Clone Wars

Cloak Of Darkness
*327-T's so cute!
*Ashoka's such an idiot
*Senate Commandos look cool
*It's a shame Argyus died, even though he was a traitor
*I liked it

Lair Of Grievous
*Yay Kit!
*And Nahdar!
*(Of course after seeing the ep it means the ickle ficlet I did was completely wrong)
*Even without legs Grievous is powerful (I wonder what he looks like unmasked)
*R6 is cool
*I hope they do a battle pack based on this ep
*Poor Gor
*Grievous' medic is amusing
*Best episode yets

*Yay wet Merlin
*Yay everyone lives!
*Yay that bitch Nimueh's dead
*Stupid manipulative dragon

I'm gonna watch more X-Files soon. I did win the fishing tourney on Animal Crossing. I'm going on now to see KK.
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