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The Night On Quinn's Bus

The Night On Quinn's Bus
Pairing: Quinn Allman/Sean Smith/Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone
Rating: NC-17
POV: Sean
Warnings: Scat, 69ing
Notes: Done cause I wanted to do a scat fic and aerogroupie gave me this idea. I seem to be using the time period when Madina Lake, The Used and the Blackout tour together a lot, even though it was only for 2 dates really. it was originally gonna be done in Quinn's POV, but I couldn't make it work so I changed it to Sean's.

I walked out of the venue towards the buses, sweat still clinging to my skin. After coming offstage, Quinn had pratically demanded I come to his bus after the show. I glanced at the buses as I neared them, of which there were five. The first two were jet black, one of the roadies and tech guys and the other for the rest of my band and Madina Lake. The red bus next to it was Bert's, and Mateo, Matthew and Rhys stood beside the door, awaiting his return. I assumed Bert had requested them for... whatever it is Bert did with boys. Still, it would be better then spending a night on our crowded bus. Beside that was a deep green one, which was shared by Dan and Jepha and lastly was the navy blue one, which belonged to Quinn. Flanking the door on either side were the twins from Madina.

"Hey Sean, he called you here too huh?" The slimmer one, Matthew, spoke up. It surprised me how he was the more talkative out of the pair, since he wasn't the singer.

"Summoned more like." I muttered softly, wrapping my arms around myself. I'd forgotten how cold it could be this late at night.

"I wonder what he wants with us?" I glanced at Matthew when he said those words, trying to work it out for myself. From the way he'd asked me I doubted it was for company, and he didn't seem to have the appetites Bert had.

"He's coming." Nathan spoke softly and I turned my head, seeing him stride along a similar path to the one I'd taken moments ago. Ignoring all else, not even giving us a glance, he crossed the space stopping only to open the door to the bus.

Only when he'd strode up the stairs did he acknowledge us, though he didn't even turn as he spoke. "Get on." The twins looked at each other as he disappeared from sight, then climbed aboard. I followed last, shutting the door behind me.

We didn't have a chance to even give the place a good look round, before he spoke up again. "Strip." I bit my lower lip, then began to do so, glad the bus was much warmer then outside. I removed my t-shirt first, dropping the material to the floor at my feet. I half glanced at the twins as I undid my fly, seeing them strip even quicker then I was. I dropped my black jeans to the floor, my pale pink boxers following. Once they were around my ankles, I slipped my shoes off so I was completely naked.

Quinn had been watching us the whole time, palming his crotch. Unlike the three of us he remained clothed. I let my eyes glance around the expanse of the bus curious as to how his was different. The layout was mostly the same, a few bunks, bathroom, a small kitchen area and the rear of the bus occupied by a lounge area. There was a set of stairs which no doubt led to more bunks, despite them being uneeded for him.

"Do you know why you're here?" He asked, his voice low as he watched us. I shook my head slowly as the brothers did the same. We were here only because he wanted it, none of us knew whatever why he had in mind. All we could do was speculate on his intentions and his reasoning. "Look at yourselves." We all gazed at each other briefly. I scanned both of them for some shared treat we had, looking at their bodies and faces.... until it finally hit me, something that was staring me in the face.

"We're all blonde." I whispered softly, watching Quinn nod an affirmative.

"Give the Welshie a cookiee." Quinn's reply was laced with sarcasm as he looked right at me. "All of you are blonde, like I used to be." He practically hissed the words at us, eyes darting over each of us. "Don't worry though, I'm going to make it so you look just like me." So he'd got us here to dye our hair? After he spoke he began removing his clothing just as we had, only he cast his clothes aside on one of the unoccupied bunks. Once he was naked he unrolled something over the floor, which I vaguely recognised as a rubber sheet. Why would he need a rubber sheet if he was just dying our hair? "Lay down, head and shoulders on the sheet."

We all gave him similar curious looks, though we all complied. Nathan laid down first, followed momentarially by his twin. I laid beside them last, looking up at Quinn. I'd expected him to be fumbling with bottles or the like, but he wasn't. Instead he was shifting into a squatting position. I blinked at him, squirming slightly as I gazed right at his ass. It had a slight sheen of sweat, as did the rest of his body due to performing. "Don't move." He growled above us then began to push, my eyes widening as I realised what he meant. He let out a soft fart, the smell filling our nostrils. I watched as his shit slipped out of his body between his cheeks, the log landing on the rubber sheet. Beside me Matthew wiggled a little, though he didn't stand or even try to move away. A second eased its way out of him, with a third following. It was obvious they would have been three parts of the same thing, though Quinn's ass clenched to break it into three roughly equal sized parts. After that a pair of smaller shits followed, landing beside the main three.

Satisfied he was finished, Quinn stood up and turned around to face us. He used his hands to move the logs so one was above each of our heads before speaking again. "You will use what I've given you to turn your hair brown. If you don't then I will." I chewed my lower lip lightly then became the first to reach up and take it. I smeared the soft waste into my bright locks, closing my eyes as I did so. It didn't feel so bad really. It felt so soft and warm, not entirely unpleasent and it spread quite easily over my hair. I watched from the corner of my eye as the twins tentatively repeated my actions.

Quinn chuckled softly from where he now sat. "Good boy Sean." He licked his lips, wiping his dirty hand over my face. I knew he left stains on my cheeks from it, but I didn't care. In fact I felt my cock start to twitch and harden. My checks flushed beneath the filth and he ran a finger over my lips. "Touch yourself." Instantly my hand found my cock, my fingers wrapping around it and stroking steadily. He turned his attention to the twins. "You two, 69." Nathan opened his mouth to object but Matthew silenced him with just a look.

Matthew moved atop his brother, turning so he was in the position Quinn requested. I heard both take a deep breath, before he moved both mouth and sharp hips. The movement caused them to get a mouthful of each other's dick. I got the distinct impression that this wasn't a first for them, either sucking dick or taking their fellow twins. The thought of that made me stroke myself harder as Matthew kept moving, clearly the more dominant of the pair. The soft sound of their sucking filled the room, punctuated by small, muffled groans from their mouths.

I wasn't sure how long they'd been doing it before Quinn touched my neck. "Eat out the bottom one." He whispered so softly I was sure they wouldn't be able to hear. I crawled to them, my messy hair brushing against Matthew's as I got in position. I extended my tongue out, but in this position I found it hard to reach his ass, so I lapped at his balls instead. I expected Quinn to complain, but he didn't seem to mind, so I resumed stroking my dick while I licked at Nathan's sac.

After a few minutes of this, Matthew released a lower groan, his body noticeably tensing up. I shifted back enough to see what was going on, noting how Quinn's hand was on his ass, with his fingers buried inside his crack. I couldn't tell exactly how many of his digits were actually buried inside him, though I guessed it wasn't just one. I went back to licking Nathan's balls, his legs spreading out so I could get closer to him. With his legs out stretched like that I could just about reach his ass with my tongue, so I gently began to do just that. I closed my eyes, as I tasted his sweat on my tongue, his body squirming slightly from all the attention he was getting.

Another groan left Matthew's lips, though this time whatever Quinn had done caused him to completely pull off his brother's cock. Quinn's hand gripped the back of his neck, quickly pushing him back onto it before he had a chance to utter any more sounds. It wasn't hard to work out that Quinn was fucking him, and quite hard from the feel of it. I switched back to Nathan's balls, releasing my dick and pushing a pre-cum slick finger into his body. He bucked his hips up against Matthew's face, his dick clearly twitching. I curved my finger inside his tight heat, easing it out and adding my next finger to him. I mioved them slightly to get him open, thrusting them in and out of him at a fairly steady pace.

Once he was open I shifted back, removing both of my fingers from him. I lanced up at Quinn, who just smirked and nodded at me. "Wrap your legs around your brother Nathan." He used his grip on Matthew to pull him up while Nathan complied, wrapping his legs around his brother's head and holding on. I held onto his ankles as I pushed my dick into his ass, moaning low in my throat as it sank into him. He responded by pushing back onto me, squeezing me tightly as I moved erratically. My movements were rough, though less so then Quinn's were.

Quinn leaned forward, covering his lips with mine and pushing his tongue insistantly into my mouth. I parted my lips, granting him entry to explore my mouth, letting him taste Nathan as he did so. We both held onto the respective twin we were fucking and we both moved at an uneven sort of pace. We weren't trying to move at the same or alternate times, we just went at the pace that seemed natural to us.

The twins seemed to move at roughly the same speed on each other, though it was hard to see Nathan's head from my vantage point. They came together in unison, I could tell that from the way their hips moved and body's arched. Natahn squeezed his muscles tighter around me, his orgasm making his insides twitch uncontrollably around me, jus as I was sure Matthew's were doing to Quinn. Quinn's lips landed on mine again, though they broke away not long after to make low moans and curse words.

I lasted only three more shallow thrusts into Nathan, before pulsing and spurting into him. My grip loosened on Nathan causing him to fall to the floor and my dick to slip from his body. Matthew, too exhausted to hold himself up fell as well, his body pressing against his equally sweaty brother as he did so. The trace of cum around his ass signified that Quinn had came too sometime before that, though it was unclear to me when he had.

I lowered myself to the floor, content to be part of the heap of bodies that the four of us had made on the rubber sheet. We didn't seem to care that we smelled and that it would probably better for us to get into one of the many bunks. The twins drifted off to sleep first and I was inclined to follow them, exhaustion from the show earlier and the sex making me crave rest, if only a nap. "You'll wake up with my dick inside you." Quinn murmered against my neck as my eyes lidded. I hoped he'd keep his word on that.
Tags: fic, madina lake, matthew leone, matthew leone/nathan leone, matthew leone/nathan leone/sean smith, nathan leone, quinn allman, slash, the blackout, the used
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