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D-tox just to re-tox

I wennt to sleep early yesterday, about 3ish. I also napped from 7 through to 10/11. You can tell my brain's not functioning when I type naked instead of napped.

I lost what I'd typed to that fic I started, but I redid it and thought it's a little better. Maybe.

Mum's in here being a pain. Going through the old wardrobe thing looking for... something. I asked if I should do it and she's like 'no, no'. I dunno if she even realises what she's after.

I've been on AC and I'm waiting for Mikey so I can sell my peaches. I've set them all up by the exit so there's a sea of the damn things. There's probably 50000ish worth of them there (but if I sold them here they'd be worth 80% less).

For some reason my comp keeps bringing up a stupid HP website.

I may be getting Rabbids tomorrow, since mum didn't today. Done online with my card Claire got me.

Christmas cards'll be sorted and sent by Monday.

My digibox is fucked cause it's being a pain. Without the remote I can do fuck all.

Tomorrow I'll be clawing t'internet apart to find the next Clone Wars ep.

I finished Voyager Season 4 last night. Tonight I'm switching to The X-Files season 6 and alternate (with every few nights being a movie night instead to get through the pile of dvds to watch, and a few more bing band dvds).

The film dvds I remember I have to watch are:
*The Clone Wars (again)
*Death Note (and Death Note 2)
*The Host
*The Resident Evil trilogy (all in one go)
*Silent Hill
*The X-Files 2: I Want To Believe

The band dvds are:
*Apocalyptica Live (again)
*Bullet For My Valentine Live (again, probably on Tuesday when the new deluxe album cmes, probably also with the other album dvds)
*My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade Is Dead! (I watched one gig, not the other)
*Panic! At The Disco: Live In Chicago
*Panic! At The Disco: Pretty Odd
*The Used: Lies For The Liars
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