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Punch your lights out, hit the pavement

I have returned and I'm very tired.

I've been to Walsall, Bloxwich and Cannock, and now I just wanna go... thwump. Alas, I can't cause mum's doing food and I'm a little too wired. Plus it's early and I don't wanna sleep.

I've got the last of mum's presents (cept sweets which I'll get next week and something from the Disney shop which I'll get when we're in Birmingham). The Woolworths in Walsall was crazy cause there was a massive queue and police and everything. I got the best deal from Tesco, getting Fight Club (the 2 disc one) for only £3 and the Padme Amidala Evolutions set for only £7.98.

I got the 3 dvds for £15 from Cannock. Jumper and Cloverfield for me and I'm writing The Golden Compass as a pressie for mum (ok she hasn't asked for it, but I bet she'll like it). I was gonna get her Sweeny Todd but it was only the one disc version.

I got Rockk Sound and a QI book from HMV (the latter I may write off as another present, even though I was gonna get it anyway).

I went to the sci-fi shop, then came back to it again last. Whyy? Cause I was originally just gonna get some Clone Wars minis, but they had an Adipose. So I thought for ages then got the lastone... only to come back and find mum's got it me for Christmas. D'oh! So I'm keeping it in bed with me to gain the 'Stuie smell' and sending it to Mikey as a Christmas present (if I can find an envelope that'll fit it, if not Mikey'll have to just come here and get its:P). I think that pissed mum off a bit though causa it.

I did get Clone Wars minis though. Three of the seven are clones, which is kinda to be expected really, though I'd have prefered other things. I did score though by getting the super-rare Darth Sidious Hologram. That's one of the ones I wanted (most of the ones I woant seem to be the rarest in this set). I'll get another box in Birmingham. I want the Chameleon droid damnit.

I ended up forfeiting my ticket money, though I'll get it with my next lot as long as they aren't sold out.

It's been a prodcutive, if very tiring, day.

Other things now:
*James Marsters is in The Clone Wars! How awesome is that! I still haven't watched the ep he's in, I will tonight though. I hope his character gets a fig cause he looks cool.
*Panic!'s holiday message is so cute... Spencer loooks so very hot. And the girly v-line tee... mmm and the whole 'wildest dreams thing'
*I missed Heroes, cause I was too focussed on Animal Crossing. Eep.
*Mum might get Rabbids tommorrow and I pay her back for it.
*The Blackout having Lies playing in their latest video diary. Hehehe. Fixated!
*When I next go to Asda I'm getting Ent Horizon cause I remember it's cool.
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