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Good Answer

Good Answer
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Ray Toro
Rating: NC-17
POV: Bob
Warnings: Watersports
Notes: A sequel to One Down and Cock, Ass And Sticks (which was written by trollsttroll

Only when everyone had gone did I remove the ear buds from my ears. "Did you enjoy earlier?" I asked him in a low voice, already knowing the answer as I slowly worked down the zipper to my hoodie. I'd decided to forgo putting anything on beneath it, so as the zip undid itself it revealed my sweaty, bare skin. I could see him practically salivating, his throat working to swallow any saliva that may have coated his pretty, thick lips.

He eventually caught that I'd asked him a question and nodded, his hair bouncing in that cute way it did. "Ye... yes I did."

"Good." I smiled, shucking my hoodie off my shoulders to reveal my entire upper half for him. He'd seen before yes, in this state, though I could tell it was different to him this time. His eyes were roaming my chest freely, not just concealled glances like he had before. His cock twitched obviously in his jeans, his bulge almost obscene. I wondered if it would cause the top button to break open if I teased him more. Perhaps I'd find out some time, but not now. After all, I'd spent most of the gig watching his sexy ass while I drummed. Now I wanted that ass again. And those pretty lips of his.

I undid my pants, pulling open my jeans and palming my hard cock. His eyes stared at it, the orbs widening as he got his first good look at me. "Want it?" Again he nodded and he slid to his knees, looking up at me with those kind of puppy eyes that you couldn't say no to. Instead of answering i didn't say anythhing at all, gripping onto his hair and pulling him against my cock.

He moaned softly, managing to trace his tongue against my skin. I throbbed slightly, growling at him impatiently. "Suck it bitch." I was glad he took direction, as he shifted back a little and swallowed my cock between those lips. I bit my lip to surpress a moan, watching as she began to bob his head up and down, twitching his lips. His tongue danced against my blood engorged flesh, while his warmth slipped up and down in a smooth motion. He'd defiantely sucked cock before, no one gave me this sort of treatment if I was their first since my size was too much for a novice to handle right.

I watched him, petting his hair as pressed his lips around my base, breathing deep through his nose as he deep throated me for what felt like an eternity. He stopped and slipped back, his tongue twirling over my head as I panted softly. He was making me breathless already, a very good sign.

I pulled him off by his curls, halting his ministrations on my cock for now causing him to whimper. "Lose the pants and ride me." He hurriedly scrambled to his feet, almost tripping over himself as he removed his pants, my hands working my own to my ankles at a much more relaxed pace. Once he was naked from the waist down agaian, he clambered onto me, with his back to my chest as he sank onto my hard rod. I groaned as I felt his slightly familiar tightness envelope me, squeezing my cock as it had earlier. I sunk my teeth into the opposite side of his neck, ellicting a groan from him before I whispered against him. "Your kinks, tell me them."

"Whatever you want...." He replied in a soft panty moan. I let out a low groan, reaching around him and pinching his nipple hard. Getting the point he bit his lip and began speaking more specific answers. "I haven't tried much, bondage some toys... I want more."

"Good answer." I licked at the bitemark on his skin, stroking his large dick like I had earlier. "Now begin moving." He started to bounce on my cock at a rapid pace, his ass squeezing gently as he did so. He was perfect. He shifted up and down my cock rapidly, his own member making my hand sticky. I thrust my hips up every few moments, my hips meeting his ass even more often. He squeezed me tightly, making me moan low in my throat.

His body trembled against me and he came again, shooting over the t-shirt he wore. Another load to stain it. I hoped he'd keep it as he no doubt had the drumstick. This time, his contracting muscles bought me a long for the ride. I came deep within him, spilling over his insides thickly. "Mmm you're so fucking good Ray, a real amazing lay." I purred, raising him off me just enough to let my dick slip out of his asshole.

"I need to piss, that a problem slut?" I purred softly against his skin, his head shaking slightly. I allowed my eyes to lid, waiting a few moments before I released a stream of the pale yellow fluid, the liquid landing on his legs and crotch, though it pooled on the sofa we sat on. Someone else would clear that up. When the flow subsided, I kissed his neck, using both of my hands to shift him up off me. Perhaps next time I'd soak his darkened curls.

"Now, let's get dressed and get to tonights hotel, there's much more we can do there." I could see exactly how much we could do together once we were there. I was sure there was much I could teach him. He dressed slowly, though didn't both drying himself off at all, despite towels being within arms reach. I could see my cum drool out of his ass, before it was covered up completely.
Tags: bob bryar, bob bryar/ray toro, fic, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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