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At the top of my lungs

So I spent a large part of yesterday on Animal Crossing, though after Nook's shut it was spent over t'internet in Mikey's town. I'm now working to pay off the next part of my house. I figure I can do it today if I spent enough time on it. I've just come off it though cause there's a chick coming to cut Danny today. Why I dunno. It's winter, surely he needs all the hair he's got? Sigh.

I got a new person on AC though. A squirrel called Peanut. I'm sure either me or Mikey has had her before though.

I got Kerrang today. It's nothing special really (and next week's is the year look back one so it'll probably cost more and lack posters). Sean came third in the sexiest male thing. Bullet were in the top five of a few things, though only Matt got hero of the year.

The latest post on bfmv_pic_spam amuses me. Jay looks hot, but what he's wearing reminds me of old schoolish MC.

Tommorrow I'm going to Walsall to get stuff, but I'll try and keep it short causa the coldness.

Christmas cards will be sorted Friday and Christmas fics will be randomly sorted out whenever. First was yesterday. I'll probably do a few (or just random standalones) for a bit then finish Into The Darkness due to the recent blockage. And cause I've altered some ideas for the last few parts so I've gotta do that now. There's either 4 or 5 parts left, depending.

Under the cut is the lsit of Christmas fics I've noted to do. Please check and see if yours is there (or say if you want one or anything). Most of what's in the list is just copy/ppasted from the fic post I did.

Ray/Gerard - airplay kink
Bob/Ray - drumstick kink
Jimmy/Steve - slapping

Hmm... submissive bottom!Tom/dominant, top, I'm-the-fucking-rockstar!Bill
Leone twins and vampires and little Mikey Way, oh my!
I really liked your sheep fic... maybe something similar with The Used boys?

GC fic (nothing specified so won't get done till something is)

TH fic - twins



Since a load of people are saying stuff about the FOB album, I figure I shall too. The four songs I like the most on first play (and thus keep putting on) are 27, I Don't Care, The (Shipped) Gold Standard and 20 Dollar Nose Bleed. I like the last minute or whatever of Donnie but not the rest. Mostly for Brendon doing Dance Dance. Anyway, I dunno why I like 27 (ok it could be becuase Patrick says fuck and bits of the song sound whorey). I Don't Care I like cause... I dunno either, I just do. Gold Standard I like the whole love bit cause it screams to me slashyness (and if they do a video I can totally see two pretty boys making eyes at each other/making out during that bit). The last one makes no real sense to me, though I like Brendon in it.

That's me done for now. Hpefully I'll rememeber to watch Heroes tonight.
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