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One Down

One Down
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Ray Toro
Rating: NC-17
POV: Bob
Warnings: Drumstick insertion
Notes: After days with blankness I forced myself to write. This is the result. This is the first Christmas fic for trollsttroll

I knelt down beside my kit, counting the number of drumsticks I kept there on standby. Before lunch I'd checked to make sure how many were there. Between then and now a stick had gone missing. This was extraordinarily frustrating for me. I kept my standby sticks in pairs, normally in a set of four but what good was an odd number of sticks to me? Who would take the other one?

I growled softly in annoyance, looking around the room. Frank was sitting at the edge of the stage, fiddling with his guitar. He wasn't stupid enough to take my drumstick, not after last tim he tried that. Ray, on the other hand, was absent. He'd been here when Frank, though now he wasn't. I'd only gone for a smoke and slice of cold vegtable pizza from our dressing room and I'd not seen the large haired man on the way.

I wondered over to Worm, who stood beside the stage watching everything as usual. "Anyone come out here?"

"Nope." He said with a smile, a thoughtful look on his face. "Though Ray headed to the bathroom 20 minutes ago which I thought was strange since he's been so long."

I nodded and growled softly, stallking off in that direction. It was a short distance to the door, which I quickly pushed open to step inside. A quick glance around the room showed that there was no sign of the guitarist at either the urinals or the sinks, which left the cubicles. A low moan from the furthest one from the door revealed his location.

I crossed the short space to it and pushed open the creaky door. The sight that greeted me caused my blue eyes to blink in surprise. Ray was there, his pants and underwear discarded. His right hand gripped my stick, the other end buried between his round cheeks. His left hand braced himself on the room's dirty tiling, while the movements his right caused made him moan. I watched, entralled for a few moments, my own dick becoming hard in it's confines.

This wouldn't be the first I'd caught a guy pleasing himself and I doubted it would be the last. I stepped closer to him, slapping his ass hard. He yelped in surprise, twisting his head around to face me.In response to that I gripped onto his dark locks with my other hand, pushing it back around and pressing his head against the tiled back wall. "So this is why you decide to steal my stick hmm?" I glared at him, taking the stick and pushing it deep inside him. He had about half of the wood lodged inside him already. "Were you the one that also stole my sticks in Utah? In London? In Tokyo?"

He whimpered and nodded a little in my hand. "Yes Bob, I'm sorry..." I slapped his ass again, making him moan, then shifted my hand I'd hit him with to his cock. He was still hard despite being caught the slut.

"Want my sticks for this, ask, you whore." I pushed it even deeper, hearing him groan softly, both hands now bracing the wall. I moved the stick out of him slowly, thrusting it back within him. I shifted my hand to undo my pants, pulling out my rock hard member. "Although would you prefer some of this?" I rubbed my cock against his left cheek, leaving a sticky smear on his skin. "Want some Bob cock?"

He nodded so wildly I thought his hair would drop off, which made what he wanted obvious. How long had he wanted this? Since we'd first met when we toured together, or much sooner? I put such thoughts out of my mind as I removed the stick, letting it drop to the floor with a soft clang. I aimed my dick for his concealled opening, pushing my hips forward. My head was soon enveloped in his tight heat, my shaft following as I slammed my hips against his ass. I pulled on his hair roughly as I began my movements, my dick aching inside of him. His ass felt so tight, despite my stick filling him so deep.

I wrapped my arm around him to keep him steady, my fingers tracing along the length of his cock. I knew he was big, that much was obvious to anyone that saw him in tight pants, but I hadn't realised just how big he was. Well if the band ever failed, he could always make a living in the porn industry. Thankfully my own was bigger then average, so I didn't feel inadequate compared to him. I wrapped my fist around his cock, knowing that's what I'd want if I was getting my ass pounded. I knew that from personal experience on countless occasions.

I squeezed my hand just right as I stroked him rapidly, knowing if I contracted my hand too hard it would cause him the kind of pain most men would avoid. Then again, he might get off on that. Perhaps, if this became a regular thing, I'd ask about that. I groaned as his heat clenched around me, his inner muscles trying to draw an orgasm out of me. He began making little gasps, the small sounds becoming even more urgent as I sunk my teeth into his soft neck, making sure I'd leave a visible mark for days to come.

He moaned loudly, the sound so vocal that I was sure the whole venue would hear. His cum landing thickly over the exposed expanse of his belly and the toilet beore us.. I chuckled softly against his neck, continuing to pound him as his body tried to milk me. Fortunately, I hadn't been stimulated enough to orgasm that fast. Still, his ass was certainly helping me along. I considered shooting in him, or over his face and hair but I had a better idea.

When I was satisfied he'd fully rode his orgasm out I pulled out with a soft pop, making him whimper. I released my grip on him and snaked my arm from around him, using both hands to turn him round and push him down. I released him fully, jerking my needy dick at a frantic pace. My strong hand.bought me off quickly, and I soon climaxed, making sure to aim my rock hard dick at his black t-shirt.

"Wear that for the whole show tonight and we'll do this again." I whispered as I buttoned my top button up, watching my cum dry to leave. I was sure it wwould be there until shows end. I licked my lips briefly, leaving him in the stall and walking ths hort distance to the urinals. I always seemed to require a piss right after I came. Maybe one day I'd find someone who'd like to get pissed on right after sex so I wouldn't have to move. Well, someone other then bert mccracken who had a tendancy to do other things during sex.

I released a strong stream into the bowl, letting out a sigh of relief as the fluid escaped me. Once it subsided I zipped myself up and turned, leaving him behind in the stall. I noted with a slight smirk that his dick was rock hard again.

Perhaps I'd found that person.
Tags: bob bryar, bob bryar/ray toro, fic, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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