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You're just like mars

I has Animal Crossing YAY! Mum gave it me early, hoo-rah! I'm going on it now (and shall edit post frequently as I progress). Rover=< 3. I'm called jay, my town is Termina (Majora's Mask FTW).

Play annoy me, keeping me on hold forever. Bah. I'll try earlier tomorrow. Why can't they just has e-mail?

Yay for nice lady back in the Co-Op (I now know her name's Elizabeth from the tag).

People in town:
Grizzly: A bear
Gwen: A penguin (from old AC)
Maple: A bear
Nibbles: A squirrel
Pudge: A bear (gods I got a lotta bears..)
Tank: A rhino (I like him the best I think)

Native tree: peach.

My house: by the bus stop. I thought about by the beach but changed my mind.

My friend code: 3609-4857-0455

Eee Nook's has a Christmas tree! I totally need that.

My face on it looks so fucking stupid. My eyes are all O_O
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