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If home is where the heart is then we're all just fucked

So I slept most of the day, cauing me to arrive late at the JC. Bah. It's only cause I didn't sleep till 6am. My sleep pattern's are fucked for reals.

I don't have to go back till the 5th. Huzzah!

I ended up spending about 20 minutes in the place mum's friend works waiting for her. It was good though cause it's a pet shop. There were four animals that I really kept my eye on:
*A 7 week old guinea pig called Tinkerbell who, halfway through my stay, suddenly went insanely hyper and ran around in circles.
*An albino bunny with floppy ears (that reminded me of a bunny I had when I was little). It was os cute
*Another bunny called Bob. He was white and grey but... his name was Bob. That makes him awesome
*The last one was the first I saw. It was a black fantail fish. When I first saw it he was upside down and I thought he was dead. Then he started moving. He seemed to prefer the backstroke as he never went on his front once. He kept sucking on the gravel stones.

After that I went to Asda and got some stuff. I got some doritos, hurray! And some other stuffs.

There's a Wii version of the Doctor's Top Trump's. It's different from the DS one as it has (at least) Chantho and Banna (I'm not spelling his full name) in it.

The also have a 3 for £15 thing on dvds. I'm totally doing it Thursday. There's Cloverfield and The Golden Compass so I have to get those. And I'll see what else there is, since I can't really rememeber now.

I'm gonna go now for food, DS Animal Crossing and Sarah Jane.

I've gotta watch the X-Files Movie tonight, cause that's where I'm up to. This week I also have to watch Silent Hill, Hellboy and The Clone wars again.
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