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You are small and you think in small terms

A short post of a mix of bullet pointed unimportant/irrelevent things.

*Inspiration for the last few days is now zero. I've not even opened any of the files I have to do since I knjow I can't do anything.
*I had a short dream while napping. I was in a near empty room with white walls. I can't remember anything else
*Christmas card post I am sorting and sending them this week. Last call for cards is Wednesday, for fic Saturday.
*I hate that our Clone Wars dvd is only one disc with just a commentary, whereas Ammerica gets a two disc one with deleted scenes etc. Bastards. It's still funny though and the bunny droid's so cute
*Make up your minds interwebs, either Seh Green's Kit Fisto in the Clone Wars or he's not
*I might be getting Animal Crossing for the Wii next week. That's good. It's cause mum ended up getting it yesterday like the weirdo she is. I hope I get Lucky.
*I'm going out Thursday, though likely only to Walsall to get stuff.
*I'm going to the Kerrang gig, getting the ticket either when mum goes or when we go for the panto.
*I'm over halfway through my X-Files run. Ironic that one of the eps on the next disc is Folie A Deux (which is the only reason I know it means a maddness shared by two).
*I still have to call play (which I'll do tomorrow, although I've said that lots)
*I finally put the Bullet poster from the gig up
*Merlin last night wasn't too good. I knew he wouldn't die. Mostly cause the summary for the last ep has him giving orders. Most people can't be that bossy when they're dead
*Mum found the tinsel, so I'm sorting the tree soon. I kept a blue piece for up here. Makes me wonder if there's any tinsel bondage fic... though it's a bit too ticklish for it.
*I've gotta watch Silent Hill soon cause that damn pyramid head is stuck in my head
*Finding pictures of Trivium that make good icons is hard, cause the ones I have don't seem too good. Also there's no slash of them, why?
*I found a version of that BMTH pic not the one I wanted but they're in the right outfits so...
*Danny's cute and odd always being on my bed
*Why is it almost all the pictures of Leathermouth are either kinky, bloody or just plain strange?

missxtravesty's fic makes me think who in bandom I'd have to represent them. (Who would anyone else have?)
Avarice: Padge
Envy: Matthew (Davies)
Gluttony: Omar
Lust: Jay
Pride: Ian
Sloth: Bert
Vanity: Ryan
Wrath: Frank
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