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The adventures of the stupid

I've had a very... irksome day.

After the post I went to Wolverhampton. I looked round the shops, sorting mum's game and getting batteries. I also got Umbrella Academy. I managed to get both versions of the first issue. It's very bloody.

When I was in Argos, at 4:15, I realised something. I'd forgotten the ticket. I'm so fucking stupid. The first gig in a year that I go alone and I forget the goddess damn ticket. So I rush back home (after checking if I can sort the ticket at the ticket office) and read Umbrella Academy on the way (even though I've not read Mikey's comic yet).

Stupidly, I spend £3 on a daysaver bus ticket only to lose it. By the time I did get back I had no change, so had to ask mum for some.

Sigh. I suck. I am totally made of stupid.

So I got to Wolverhampton... and ended up in the wrong line. One for stupid fucking Duffy. Ugh. So I find the right line and get inside just as it rains. I got a nice tee of a skull. The sales guy sounded Finnish too. Yay!

The support act sounded good, though the guy's mic sounded funny and I couldn't hear any of what he said (cept he was Finnish). Their guitarist was hot and looked like Matt.

Between them and Apocalyptica I smelled something. After much thought I determined it was a mix of two things. It was a cross between smoke, likely from the smoke machine, and... lube. Yep, there was a distinct scent of lube. Oddness.

Then the gig began. Alas, Eicca wasn't topless, though Perttu was. They played a load of songs, though missed some I liked sadly. Unfortunately I was only one person behind the unstable mosh pit. It would start and stop every other song and I'd get pushed back by it. Bah.

Eicca was very pretty though. He shared the talking with Perttu and they talked quite a bit. Their accents made it a little hard to understand. Eicca kept asking how to pronounce Wolverhampton, eventually saying it in Finnish, which was hot. Perrtu amused me by saying they went to school and learned nothing so that's why they hide behind their hair. He also said that Eicca was father of the year in Finland... and Paavo was mother. While he did an introduction to them all the drummer went awol, which made everyone laugh. Eicca told us to behave for the last song, which was amusing.

The best part of their speaking was when Eicca was talking about Metallica, Perttu came over and fiddled with his hair (like a grooming monkey) then took the mic and said 'grey hair' which amused me.

Eicca also bent over and shaked his sexy hips. It's amazing how they can move and lift their cellos so easily. It amuses me that it's Perttu that seems to encourage Eicca to stick his tongue out and make sex faces. It was funny how they tried to make clapping motions with their hands when holding their instruments. It seems hard to do.

After their performmances they bowed, which was nice.

I then came back on the bus and train, talking to Mikey to keep me sane. Yays! I'm off to watch the last TNG now and tomorrow I'll rest, getting Pepsi and watching Clone Wars which'll hopefully arrive.
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