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What's with the shoelaces?

So I'm going off to the gig in about half an hour. I've gotta get Argos stuff. If there's shelves there I've gotta get them sent here. I get the feeling they'll be out of stock or won't send here though. Luckily mum's going to Walsall tomorrow so she'll have a second chance there.

I've only got one glove and no hat. Bah.

I've been watching The X-Files and Voyager, alternating between the two.

I managed to post the fic I was working on last night, which I'm fairly happy with.

Like I said I'll be off soon once I've changed. I'll get The Umbrella Academy at least. From the gig I only have enough to get a tee or some equivelent, though the tee's in the store aren't anything I'd like. I doubt they'll be stuff outside, like posters or tee's, though I'll hold stuff back for it just in case.

So off I go to change. I'll do another post as soon as I get back to ramble about how perdy Eicca is. I hope he gets topless like he always seems to.
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