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Virgin Territory

Virgin Territory
Pairing: girl!Padge/girl!Spencer Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Spencer
Warnings: Femmeslash, toys
Notes: Another dream based fic (although in the dream there was scat which isn't in here). I left it open ended in case I do more to it.

I squirmed as Padge pushed me onto the bed, her fingers sliding under my short skirt. I'd never come home with anyone I'd met in a club before and now, here I was, on some girl's bed with her lips on mine and her hand tugging on my panties. Her tongue twisted around mine, her fingers rubbing over my opening. She tasted if alcohol, smoke and something sweet that I couldn't quite pick up on. Her lips left mine as she pushed her middle finger in me, a moan leaving my lips. She smirked dirtily, curving it inside me as she pushed it further. Her other hand stroked my clothed chest while she steadily fingered me. She kissed at my neck, her tongue lapping at my sweaty skin.

She pulled away from me enough to work my t-shirt off, dropping it on the bed beside me to expose my chest. I reached behind myself, undoing my bra and tossing it away, letting her hand grope my tits. She smiled at me, burying her face between them and licking at my skin as a second finger joined the first. I released a small gasp as the second curved too, her thumb rubbing against my clit.

I smiled as her long hair cascaded over my tits, her tongue wiggled between them and over the mounds of flesh. I squirmed slightly on the bed, my dark eyes lidding. "Fuck..." She kissed up to my neck, her hand stroking my breast gently.

"You like that huh?" She whispered against my ear, her voice deep and heavily accented. It wasn't a feminine voice at all, perhaps that's what made her so alluring. "Is this your first time?" She asked, he fingers probing deep within me.

"With another girl yeah." I whispered softly, my cheeks flushing at the admission. She smiled, almost as if she'd known that's what I'd say. I nervously placed my hands on her dress, cupping and gently squeezing his breasts. She smiled, slipping her finers out of my pussy, making me whimper at the loss. She sat up, bringing her fingers to her lips and sucking them languidly, her eyes on mine. I could't help but groan at the sight, watching as she removed the short black dress she wore. I had to admit, a small part off me had suspected that she'd turn out to be a guy in drag though as she was sitting there, removing her own bra, it was clear she was definately a chick. Her tits were slightly larger then my own, though mine were fairly small anyway. Her pussy was surrounded by thick dark curls, completely unlike mine which jjust had a slight dusting of hair. She gripped at my skirt, tugging it down my legs and discarding it, repeating the action with my panties.

She took a cursory glance over my body, then lay over my prone form and kissed me hungrily. Her hands roamed over my body, her fingers returning to my cunt. Shyly I tried to replicate what she did to me, stroking her breasts with one hand and gently pushing a finger into her. She felt wider then me, as if more used somehow. She moaned against my lips, pushing her hips against my thigh. I could feel her wetness soak my finger and stick to my thigh. My eyes lidded slightly, both of her fingers curving again.

She kissed my cheek, then shifted down my body slowly, her tongue tracing a path as she moved. She licked down my neck slowly, then between my small breasts and around my navel. She stopped when she arrived at my crotch, kissing each of my thighs gently. She planted her lips on my clit gently, licking at it with her talented tongue. It almost certainly wasn't her first time with a girl that much was clear. She parted her fingers in a scissor-like motion, her tongue dipping into me to taste the fluids that flew so freely. I gasped softly, gripping the sheets, as her tongue worked inside me. No one had ever done this to me before, not even Ryan while we were together. I bucked my hips up against her face as her tongue pressed against my inner walls.

I whimpered as she shifted her head back, planting small kisses on my thighs. She resumed thrusting her fingers like before, her left hand nudging my legs apart further. I watched her with interest, wondering exactly what she had in mind. She smiled up at me, kissing just below my entrance, her tongue extending again. I squirmed slightly as she lapped between my ass cheeks, my eyes lidding as she explored my cleft. "Oh fuck..."

She used her hand to pull apart my cheeks like she had with my pussy, her tongue brushing over my asshole. She eased it inside me, making me gasp and buck up against her fingers. She pulled them back slightly, making me whimper as I feared a loss of them. She chuckled softly against my ass, thrusting them back within me with a third digit. Moaning again, I reached down and and gripped her hair, feeling myself get close. She kept thrusting her fingers, curving them each time while her tongue probed my ass. "Padge... fuck... ughh..." My eyes closed and I felt my whole body quiver as I came.

She pushed her tongue out of me, shifting back to my crotch to lap at the juices that flowed out of me. "Mmm you taste so good." She purred, smiling up at me as she gently kissing my hips and stomach. "Did you enjoy?"

I swallowed and nodded, my lips unable to form any form of coherent response. She returned a smile at me, removing her fingers and sucking on them again. I squirmed slightly as I saw her wiggle her tongue over her fingers, cleansing them of my cum.

She shifted up my body, pressing herself against me. I guessed I should return the favor somehow, though I wasn't quite sure how. I shifted my shaky hands to her body, cupping her breasts. She pushed her chest into them, smiling down at me. I caressed her skin lightly, my thumbs pressing against her hardened nipples. She reached over me, her hand slipping under the pillow next to me and pulling out a rather large dildo. It was larger then any dick I'd seen personally and deep purple. She shifted it between her legs, pushing it into her in one fluid movement. She release a groan, her lips returning to mine as she moved it within her. She tasted different to before, of cum and what was most likely my ass. She grasped one of my wrists, shifting it from her breast down to the shaft inside her. Taking the hint, I began to take over the thrusts inside her, my fingers rubbing against her hairy skin. Our tongues wiggled against each other, any moans she made swallowed by my mouth.

I moved the dildo inside her fairly hard, guessing that's what she'd like. She seemed to approve, jerking her hips against the rubber toy. She whimpered against me, the liquids from her covering my fingers as I sped up my movements. I wanted to taste her so much, just to see how she compared to mine but I didn't want to break the rhythm I was setting up. I kept up the pace, breaking the kiss and moving my lips to her neck, sucking on the skin where her neck met her shoulder. I wrapped my other hand around her, stroking her ass as she pressed her tits against mine. "Fuck, fuck..." Her body tensed above me, words I couldn't understand leaving her lips. I knew she was cumming, feeling the sticky fluid slide onto my fingers.

I eased the dildo out of her, bringing it up to my lips. It was too large for my mouth to accomodate, I knew that from the brief glimpse of it I'd seen. Instead I started licking her juices from it, starting with a slow lick along what would be the underside of it. To my surprise, she began licking the opposite side, locking her eyes with mine as she did.

"You taste... different to me." I whispered softly against the rubber, but kept licking, craving the taste of it.

"Thanks." She smiled, shifting to suckle the dildo's head lightly, amazing me that her mouth could take it. With such talent she should be a cock sucker. Maybe she was. Together we worked to lick it clean, replacing her stickiness with our saliva. Job done, I set it on the bed, kissing her again to get a taste of her again.

I heard a faint sound from the doorway, looking in that direction. We weren't alone, though I couldn't see who it was. "Shh." Padge whispered against me, kissing my neck. "Ignore them." I closed my eyes a little, doing just that.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, femmeslash, fic, girl!padge, girl!padge/girl!spencer smith, girl!spencer smith, panic! at the disco
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