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So blind to me

So, now the Christmas tree's mostly set up. Mostly as in not all the decorations are on it (cause some are awol like the tinsel and some baubles) but it's pretty much sorted.

This is mostly gonna be a random post so... randomness begins:
*I'll have a bit more money for Friday, yay!
*I now know how to say Eicca's name thanks to this video (it's cute how close he is to Perttu).
*More Bullet fisting (do they ever stop?)
*Other then the poster Kerrang's eh
*It's interesting that it's only MSI's people that have mentioned the pregnancy and Gerard/MCR haven't. Do you think he's even realised?
*Maybe he's too busy putting the figure of Mikey in Jabba the Hutt to notice
*I had a vivid dream the other night that I'm gonna fic. I blame Mikeysaur's manips.
*Christmas posts: for cards/fic fic I'd want
*Doing Star Trek Conquest as the federation is so fucking hard. I'm glad I finally did it properly.
*I finished The X-Fles Season 4 last night. I might start 5 tonight.
*I have to call up play tomorrow. I keep putting it off.
*Can I has one?

I'm now on Animal Crossing sorting fruits. That'll only take forever
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