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Into The Darkness Part 8

Into The Darkness
Pairing: Jay James/Gavin Butler/Gareth Lawerence
POV: Jay
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Blood, gore, killing, cannibalism, necrophilia, BDSM
Notes: Finally finished this part after so long. it's taken so long which is annoying. The next part will likely be a direct follow up to this one as opposed to a standalone one. After that there'll be three/four more parts which i hope to finish by the end of the year.
1: Charlie
2: Padge
3: Ian
4: Sean
5: Matt
6: Oli
7: Omar

8: Gareth and Gavin

The bar was noisy, as it always was. I seated myself in the shadows, eyes scanning the crowded space. Omar had lasted much longer then a normal guy had due to his weight. His meat lasted a month and a half, so now I was looking for someone fresh. The room had many potentials, though I was attracted to a flash of gold in the light. It was from a piece of material, wrapped around the left wrist of a male in a corner. He had dark hair that hung to his shoulders and a playful smile on his face as he converse with the man beside him. Both were nicely rounded.

The gold symbolised something, in a code that few used. I scruntched up my nose and closed my eyes as I thought about it. I'd not seen anyone use it here in a good few months, but I'd memorised it in case I needed it. Gold on the left meant two partners looking for someone else. Perhaps I could have them both.

I stood up and walked across the room towards them, ignoring everyone else that shown an interest in me. I offered them a small smile as I arrived at their table. "Hey, is anyone sitting here?"

"No, go ahead." The one with the gold around his wrist returned my smile.

"Thanks." I took the seat, setting my bottle on the table as I looked at them both. I noticed on closer inspection that both had silver rings on their ring fingers. Interesting. The one without the material had shorter hair and faint traces of stubble on his chin. I nodded to his lover, who he had an arm wrapped around. "It's been awhile since I've seen anyone use that."

"Yeah." He blushed a little, but retained his smile. "Well, we hoped someone might know it. Are you interested?" I gave him a slight nod, taking a gulp from my bottle. "Got a name?"

"Mine's Jay. And you?"

"I'm Gavin. And this is Gareth." He inclined his head to his partner, smiling wider. "My better half." So they were joined. Inwardly I smirked, making plans to torture one in front of the other. "So are you interested?"

I looked over them both for a few moments, an action which caused Gareth to gnaw on his lower lip, before nodding an affirmative. They both did a similar examination of me, during which I slipped my tongue over my lower lip, which seemed to convince them. Both looked at each other and nodded.

All too easy.


Getting them to come with me had been fairly simple, especially since they were both so eager. Since they'd decided they wanted me they couldn't keep their hands off me. My place was closer than theirs was, so it was a simple choice.

I knew I'd have to exercise some form of control over them so I could have my way with them. On the trip I'd considered my options, while watching them feel each other up on the back seat whenever I could. It would be simple. Get the dominant one restrained soon after we arrived.

I pulled up outside my home, climbing out and watching as they parted to do the same. I smirked to myself, the pair of them holding hands as they followed me to the door. It was sweet really. I unlocked and opened the door, ushering them both inside before sealing out the cold.

"Nice place." Gareth commented after looking around the entrance hall.

"Thanks." I gave him a small smile, leading them both into the normal living room. They both looked around the room, heading towards the sofa and sitting down beside each other. Gareth patted his own knee, inviting me to sit on it. I crossed the room, setting myself on it and licking his cheek. His lover watched me, running a hand over my thigh. I purred, considering Gavin the stronger of the two and thusly him the one I had to restrain. I ran one of my hands upp his thigh, cupping his clothed crotch. "Why don't you strip each other?"

I purred, standing up slowly to allow them to remove their clothing from one another. I moved away from them both, picking up the needed restraints and watching as they undressed, occasionally stopping to kiss. I licked my lips at the sight, stepping behind Gavin and pulling his arms behind him, using faux leather cuffs to hold his hands together. He groaned slightly, but didn't fight back having expected some sort of kink.

I gently pulled him from his love, pushing him down onto the floor. I bought his ankles up one at a time, securing them to the cuffs as well. Satisfied he was secure, I left him and moved over to Gareth. I leaned in close to him, licking his neck gently. "Seeing him like that makes you hard." I whispered, rubbing his hardening dick.

"Yes it does..." He whispered softly, eyes on his lover's ass. I guessed that he was the bottom of the two.

"You want to fuck him? Or see me fuck him?" I purred in his ear, stroking his thick dick. He was the thicker of the two from the looks of things, so I was sure he'd cause him pain by fucking him.

"B... both..." He purred softly, turning slightly to glance at me. "Can I go first?"

"Be my guest." I sat back as he moved over to Gavin's restrained form, his fingers running over the cheeks of his lover. This wouldn't be the last fuck I'd permit them, it would be much more amusing to keep them alive for awhile, knowing their fate. Maybe instead of killing one of them outright as I normally did, I'd dismemeber both slowly as needed. Gareth pushed a pair of fingers into Gavin's ass, his fingers spreading him open. Gavin moaned, moaning and squirming slightly on the floor. I undressed and palmed my own dick as I watched.

Gareth removed his fingers, sucking them and pressing his cock head at Gavin's opening. He held onto his bound limbs, burying himself inside him in one fluid thrust. Both groaned, while Gareth began starting to thrust his hip roughly. I stroked myself lanquidly at the sight, licking my lips every few seconds. Gareth watched me intently as he moved, thrusting slightly rougher into him. I could see a faint smear of blood on his crotch from his lover, though Gavin didn't seem to mind too much. He was probably enjoying the role reversal as much as Gareth was.

Gareth didn't reach around to stroke his lover off, even though it was obvious he needed it. I licked my lips, stroking myself slightly firmer at the sight. A shame I'd released this guys inner dom so close to his own demise. I licked my lips, watching as he thrust forward roughly, clearly getting close. He dug his nails into Gavin's flabby belly, ramming harder and faster into him, his own stomach wiggling. I traced my tongue over my lips again, watching Gareth release a low moan as he arched and came.

I stood up and headed over to Gareth as he slipped to his knees, both of his hands pulling apart the other man's cheeks. I let him press his face between them, licking at the fluid he'd shot up there. Both made sounds of pleasure as he did so and I pulled both of his arms behind him, snapping cuffs on his wrists identical to the ones on his other half.

I pulled him away after a few more seconds of him slurping, laying him on his front beside Gavin and securing his ankles to the bonds. I took Gareth's place at Gavin's ass, pushing my shaft easily into his stretched opening. He released another moan, pushing back on me as I began my thrusts. He was clearly hoping that I would make him cum. Perhaps I would. I licked my lips, dicking my nails harshly into his legs. He released a low yelp, while I angled my dick for his spot. "Fuck, right there!" I chuckled, but kept up my pace and speed. With each movement of my hips I aimed it for the same place, pounding him roughly as he wiggled beneath me.

He stilled, moaning a string of explectives while he clenched repeatedly around me. I knew he was orgasming, even though I wasn't seeing it myself. It was obvious by the way his ass muscles were trying to milk me. My eyes closed and I allowed him to pull me over the edge with him, shooting deep into his saliva-slick hole.

I eased out of him slowly, gripping onto Gareth's long dark locks and pulling him back to Gavin's ass, watching him reeat the actions he'd done before. I took deep, panting breaths as I sat down on a sofa in the same place as before.

"You know something you two?" Gavin shook his head, letting out soft little whimpers as Gareth throughly licked his ass. "You're not leaving here." Gareth stopped and turned to face me, blinking as my words registered with him. I smirked at him, tracing my lips with my tongue slowly. "Not alive anyway."

I stood up as they squirmed against their bonds, but I decided to give them time to think about my words. I flicked the light off, hearing them whimper softly. "Sweet dreams." I left them there, heading upstairs to my bed. Tomorrow I'd begin to deal with them. Though I wouldn't kill them right away. I'd have plenty of time to devise cruel tortures for them.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, gareth lawerence, gareth lawerence/gavin butler, gareth lawerence/gavin butler/jay james, gavin butler, jay james, slash, the blackout
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