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Against The Tiles

Against The Tiles
Pairing: Jimmy Urine/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jimmy
Warnings: Watersports
Notes: Done to cope with the block I got with Into The Darkness (bah) so this is just a short, quick standalone I threw together. This is set during one of the gigs they had together.

I hummed softly, watching the blonde from the side of the stage as he bounced around it. I could barely understand what he said when he spoke due to his accent though every word made my dick hard. I wanted the bouncy little thing on my cock. When he came off stage I took his arm and pulled him towards the nearest bathroom, watching as a confused expression crossed his face. I ignored it and his bandmates as I shut the door, pushing him against the tiled wall and kissing him hungrily.

It took a few seconds for him to respond, but of course he did. Every guy I kissed did. I pressed my crotch against his, feeling him get aroused by the contact. I stuffed my right hand into his pants, squeezing his cock through his pink underwear. My lips left his, my tongue snaking out across his face. "Slut." I grinned as he purred, undoing his fly and pushing both his pants and underwear down to his ankles.

Easily I flipped him around, pulling out my twitching cock and running it along his hairy ass. I licked along his neck, pushing a pair of fingers between his cheeks to seek out his opening. As soon as I found the twitching pucker I thrust both digits inside of him, willing both inside him. He released a low moan, pushing himself back against them eagerly. I chuckled to myself, nipping at his skin gently as I worked him open.

I removed my fingers, licking at them, purring at the taste. I lined my dick up with his hole, but stopped before thrusting as he turned. He grinned at me, sweat making his t-shirt cling to his skin. He slipped his feet out of his pants, wrapping each of his legs around my waist in turn. He lowered himself onto my dick, tipping his head back and releasing a low groan. I held onto his sides, thrusting into him as he bounced up and down my length. I had the distinct impression this wasn't his first time and that didn't surprise me. Someone as pretty s him didn't come this far this fast without sucking on a cock or two.

I kissed him, pushing my tongue between his lips as I felt his hands grip on the gelled spikes of my hair. He purred against my mouth, lapping at my soft flesh while I fucked him. His right hand left my hair, shifting between us to hold onto his dick. I felt him start to jerk off between us, his hand moving rapidly.

I angled myself towards his spot, though he seemed to be helping me by wiggling his ass until I caught it. I shifted my head, taking in a deep breath before pushing my face against his pit. I licked at the sweat of area, speeding up as he whispered words I couldn't quite hear breathlessly. I smiled, feeling a warmth land on me as his body twitched, arched and tightened. I knew without seeeing that he'd came, and I shifted my head up slightly. "Such a whore, doesn't take much to make you cum does it?" On every other word I slammed into him, his ass squeezing tighter as he rode out his orgasm, trying to bring me along with him.

I bit onto his neck lightly, unable to hold on too much longer then him. "On your knees." I whispered softly, easing myself out of his hole reluctantly. While I did love shooting deep inside a warm, tight ass, that wasn't where I wanted this load to end up. He realeased my waist with his legs, whimpering as he shakily got down on his knees, coming face to face with my dick. I chuckled, wrapping a hand around my base and wiping it over his pretty little face. His tongue snaked out of his mouth, all too eager for a taste of his own insides.

I let him envelope my head with his lips, though held his pretty blonde locks to keep him from taking me whole. I stroked my shaft a few times, his tongue dancing over my sensitive skin and wiggling along my slit. I let my eyes lid, pulling out just before I came, letting out a high pitched sound as I did. The fluid landed across his face, most of it landing over his left cheek and eyelid. I panted, holding my dick just in front of his mouth, letting him lick the last few droplets that clung to me.

I smiled down at him, bracing myself with my free hand against the wall. I felt myself soften slightly and aimed my dick for his chest. "After the show you should bring your pretty bandmates up to my hotel room." He nodded, looking up at me with his pretty eyes. As soon as my dick fully softened I released a warm stream of piss, the smell flooding my senses as the golden fluid covered his chest. It soaked through his clothing, making it stick more to his skin as I just giggled. Once it subsided it wiped the last few drops in his hair and tucked my dick away, zipping myself up. "You were a great fuck, I can't wait to see how you compare to your band." I winked at him, leaving him there in a pool of my piss, noting that one of his bandmates was hanging round by the door as I stepped out. I ignored the pretty little thing, heading in the general direction of our rooms.

I had the feeling I'd have to redo my spikes.
Tags: fic, jimmy urine, jimmy urine/sean smith, mindless self indulgence, sean smith, slash, the blackout
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