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Holographic representations

Days are always slow it seems. I dunno why.

It's fairly cold as always. It's making my feet cold. I think I'll go back to bed soon.

I'm considering doing a Hostel-based fic. I've made notes for it and I'll consider starting it tomorrow.

I started the next part of Into the Darkness the other day, I'll do more to it soon, hopefully to finish it by tomorrow.

I'm trying to find a picture of BMTH, the ones from the Kerrang poster where they're in costumes.

If anyone wants to do a fic for me for Christmas then I'd like any combination of the following:
*Jay James
*The Blackout
*Bullet or Madina fic in general
*Ben Jorgenson

Off I go to write, snuggle in bed and later, watch Merlin.
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