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You are so close on the tail of this

Yay, Apocalyptica next week! I can't wait! There's also the TNG finale on that night, which I've never seen and always wanted to. Also Animal Crossing's out that night, I wish I had the money to get it myself. I'd get it if I did (but I only have half the money and that's for the gig... least mum's getting it me). I hope.

Alas, perhaps instead The Clone Wars'll turn up.

Today's been a very slow day, although I saw nan and fed the ducks. Ducks are such amusing creatures. The way they walk is funny and so is how they fight over bread.

I've watched Enterprise last night and today. I meant to watch more, but I fell asleep. I also had two vague dreams. One had Mateo and the other... I was on a boat with Mikeysur and Claire. It seemed to remind me of the end of Dawn Of the Dead (the remake one anyyway) where they go off on a boat.

Where the hell is Bullet's album? It's really frustrating me that it's just... nowhere to preorder or anything.
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