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I will always be puzzled by the Human predilection for piloting vehicles at unsafe velocities

Great, after seeing Buzzcocks I now want to see The Heavy when it's out. It's goonna be a gangster film and I normally can't stand them (hopefully when it's out it'll be either uploaded or out at the ssame time as a film I definately wanna see). So why do I want to see something like that anyway I here you cry?

Well it's got someone called Lee Ryan in. He (ages ago) used to be in a boyband here called Blue. He was one of the first guys I liked, plus they were the first people I wrote about. From the short clip of the film he's shown tied to a chair and gagged. That's just... hot. I dunno why Simon was so bitchy about his ex-bandmate. He's odd.

It's some weird ass day in America. Something about giving thanks, having to be with family and turkey. You people are strange. Though I hate that all the Star Wars sites are on about the toys sales there'll be on Friday. Bah.

Brothers Of The Head's on soon, so I'll watch later out of interest.

Heroes last night amuses me. 10 year old Hiro is so adorable!

I'm pretty much definately going to Kerrang tour now. Lyn-z's gone and Dir En Grey are gonna be there so... yay!

I watched Star Trek Nemesis today. It's better watching it second time I think.

Today's been another slow day. I did get Kerrang though. It's not that good really. They give Bullet only an ok review, next week's has a poster of Matt and Padge fisting air. There's a little pic of Ilan being pretty. He should stay with Lostprophets. Bah. I wonder if he wrote with them on the next album? There's a little EBTM thing with Kerrang, which has lotsa The Blackout. Mikeysaur's posted pics here: blackoutpicspam.

Bullet For My Valentine's deluxe album is meant to be out soon yet it's no where for pre-order. The latest video says it's out next week in non-US places so you'd expect it to be somewhere.

The Brother In The Basement was finished last night. Now all I have to do is finish Into The Darkness and all the multi-parts I'm on are done.

That's me finished for the night pretty much.
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