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The Brother In The Basement Part 4

The Brother In The Basement
Pairing: Mikey Way/Bob Bryar, Ray Toro/Bob Bryar
Rating: NC-17
POV: Bob
Warnings: BDSM, crossdressing, cbt, rubber
Notes: This is the final part, with most done as flashbacks.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Part 4: Bob

I waited a long time after hearing his words, scared to respond in case my self-proclaimed master as there. My body ached in pain from where I'd been hit over the course of the past few days. I closed my eyes in the darkness, then swallowed deciding I'd best speak up lest I appear dumb. "I'm Bob. I'm from Chicago." I paused, awaiting any blows that may have come from my speaking. When none came I thought for a few seconds, then spoke again. "I don't know why I'm here." I bit my lip, hoping he'd just leave it at that.

"Me either." He whispered in a soft voice, his hand petting my belly. "I think he seems to like torturing you the most..."

"I think we should rest." I cut in, closing my eyes briefly. It was partly due to my body craving sleep but also because I didn't want to answer any more questiona from him.

"Oh... ok. Night Bob."



The stepped into the bar, looking around the space of the room. The room was filled with men, most either scantily dressed or in something made of rubber or leather. I felt out of place being one of the few in fairly normal clothes. Along the walls and hanging from the ceiling were several cages, each one filled with one or more naked pretty boys. One also had a dog in there with him. My eyes kept scanning the room looking at the boys shackled to the wall, or cuffed to poles and tables.

I took a deep breath, heading in the general direction of the bar. This places was a whole new world to me, something my friends were encouraging me to explore. They told me I should live a little, so I figured I should give it a shot. After all, what harm could it do?

I took a set on one of the barstools, ordering a beer before looking for someone I could go off with. He needed to be someone that looked fairly safe, with a face I could trust. Most of the guys though looked intimidating to me either due to their height, weight, clothing of insane hair. The sounds of pain and various items hitting skin was also far too distracting to me. I considered going to one of the tables in the shadows and just jerking off instead of looking for someone.

I bit my lip, shifting from the bar towards the nearest unnoccupied table to do just that. Unfortunately it wasn't as empty as I'd expected, with one guy laying down while another kneeled on the floor and gave him head. My eyes amost buldged out of my skull at the sight and I backed away to allow them sme privacy, only to stop when a hand touched my shoulder. "Going somewhere big boy?" I turned slightly at the soft voice, it's owner a slip of a boy with glasses perched on his nose. He looked just as out of place here as I did.

"Hey..." That was the only word I could manage. Real smooth.

"I'm Mikey." He smiled, eyes darting nervously around. "Are you a top or bottom?"

"I'm not sure yet." I knew I was normally a bottom, but I didn't want to dissapoint the only guy that had shown an interest in me. "Perhaps you could show me the ropes?"

He let out a soft giggle as if I'd made some soft of joke, then took my hand in his and led me out. "Come on, my place isn't far from here."


Within an hour I was at the boy's house, tied to the bed with a rather large dildo up my ass. A pool of my pearly cum was on my belly from when the dildo had made me orgasm, the liquid glistening in the room's dim light. His own cum was buried deep inside me, the dildo sealing it within my body. His hands were caressing my body, pinching at my nipples whenever they were near them. I was sure I'd heard noises from the basement, though I didn't want to ask him. Maybe he had a housemate or pet or something down there.

"I like you Bob." He purred in my ear, his body pressing against my side. "I think I'm going to keep you." I didn't have chance to question his words, his fingers pushing a smaller dildo into my mouth, strapping it in place behind my head. He set his glasses on top of the bedside table, looking over me with dark eyes. "Sleep slut." He injected something into my arm and everything went black.


When I woke up the bonds were gone, though my limbs ached. "Ah, you're finally awake." I turned towards him, the man who'd bought me here. He chuckled as I tried to move, though only my torso responded. "You won't be going anywhere until I say so."

He shifted over towards me, a hand moving to stroke the nearest of my thighs to him. "You will call me master or sir, whichever you prefer." Despite myself, my cock twitched at his touch. "If you behave, you will be treated fairly well, if not then I'll hurt you more then I would anyway. Understand?" He wrapped his slim fingers around me, stroking slowly. "Well?"

I nodded as best I could, my hips bucking up a little. Againm, he chuckled, squeezing my cock before releasing it. "Good, then the lessons shall begin."


"You are such a fucking, fuck up! You worthless piece of shit!" He was kicking me harshly, his boots making each blow cause me to cry loudly. I lost count of the numbers of hits he'd caused me when he stopped, bruises forming all over my body. "Don't you know anything about sucking cock?" He growled, spitting at my face.

"I... I... I'm..."

"Shut up whore!" He growled and shifted to the top drawer, returning and forcing a dildo in my mouth, this one the size of his dick. "If you bit on this one it will give you a shock." He sneered down at me as it sent a small one through me just as he promised. I whimpered and began to suck on the toy, locking my eyes with his. "That's better. Once you've kept sucking it for an hour without biting I'll remove it. If you get shocked then the hour'll start again. Have fun."


After five hours with that thing in my mouth I'd completeed my task. "Useless fuck up. It took my brother just over an hour to complete that task." I blinked at his words but my throat was sore so I didn't respond. "Come on, you'll learn from experience."


He took me back to the club where we'd met, dragging me by a leash attached to a collar around my neck. I spent the night locked up in a cage, servicing both bigger and smaller cocks then his. The cage barely fit my body, so I couldn't move away from my tormentors. Often there was a lull in the cocks presented to me, in which case men instead whipped me, stabbed me with needles or all manner of other things. One of them, a tattooed boy, came over with a dog on one leash and a hooded boy on another, looking me over. "You're pretty hot. I'll have to ask Mikey if he'll let me get you and my pets become better acquainted." He smirked at me, then pushed his pierced cock through the bars for me to suck.

I suckled on his shaft, my lips now able to squeeze him expertly after taking so much cock. He moaned above me, hanging the leashes to hooks beside the cage before gripping my hair and assaulting my throat. He tasted of ass and dirt, a sign he'd obviously fucked someone tonight. He came down my throat and I swallowed all of the salty fluid. He'd probably not cum in whoever he'd fucked, saving it for me.

He stepped back and I watched as he shifted away from me, talking to someone I couldn't see before collecting his pets and going.

"Time to go fuck up." I heard his voice, the man who now owned me, watching as he shooed the males around me away and unlocked the cage. He hauled me out, with strength that belied his appearence, then clipped the leash back to me and led me out of the bar.

"Frank suggested I make you a rubber slave fuck up. I think he has the right idea." He smirked at me lifting me up and tossing me in the trunk of the car.


I woke up, feeling Ray's soft lips around my dick. I'd been sealed in this rubber a week now. Two days after I'd been introduced to this I'd been introduced to Ray. I was unsure if Ray'd been trained while I was, if he'd goot him while I was in rubber or if he'd got him independantly. The day before yesterday I met his brother, even though I couldn't see or feel his presence. Last night Ray finally spoke to me. Perhaps I should have told him how master had gotten me, perhaps I should have let it all out.Maybe i would if there was a next time.

"Come on now, I want the fuck up achingly hard for when Frank gets here!" I felt Ray nod as he squeezed his lips around my thick cock.
Tags: bob bryar, bob bryar/mikey way, bob bryar/ray toro, mikey way, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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